SaaStock’s mission is to help SaaS companies to gain traction, grow, and scale. Our conferences bring together the best and brightest minds in SaaS – the leaders who are driving real change within the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering provocative opinions alongside hard metrics, implementable strategies, and actionable content.

Marketing is one of the first channels SaaS companies invest in if they are looking to accelerate growth. Which is why we’ve pulled together some of our top marketing sessions from SaaStock 19. This is your chance to learn from some of our superstar speakers who graced the stage in Dublin:

  • Alison Murdock (CMO, Social Chorus)
  • Des Traynor (Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Intercom)
  • Thibaut de Lataillade (MVP Digital Markets, Gartner)
  • Elias Torres (Founder, Drift)

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1) Building a Brand to Generate Demand – Alison Murdock

If you’re in the early days of building a SaaS product, it’s common to think that you’re not ready to do marketing. You’re certainly not ready to think about your brand. All that stuff – colour palettes, logos, business cards… that comes much later, right?

Well… sort of. Because your brand isn’t just company styling. It’s “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” It’s what sets you apart from your competitors, and what people remember about your business.

In this video Alison focuses on how SaaS companies can use the work they do building their brand to generate demand, attract new customers, and retain them long-term.

This session from SaaStock 2019 is for you if:

  • You’re a SaaS founder trying to decide where best to invest your marketing budget;
  • Or you’re a SaaS marketer struggling to balance brand building with demand generation;
  • Or you’re just getting started with SaaS marketing, and want to know where to focus first.

2) Bulls and bears: Category creation – Mark Organ, Elias Torres, Alon Waks, Dan Steinman

For emerging SaaS startups, category creation is a hot topic. For many startups, building a new company in an established category doesn’t make sense: why would you compete for space in an already crowded market when you could instead invest your time and energy building your own category and carving out a niche for yourself?

Category creation isn’t a new concept:

Gainsight created the customer success movement.

Hubspot coined the term inbound marketing.

Drift positions itself as the conversational marketing platform.

In this video, Mark Organ, Elias Torres, Alon Waks and Dan Steinman discuss how to build a category, the challenges that come with doing so, and why having no competitors in a category isn’t a good sign.

This session from SaaStock 2019 is for you if:

  • You’re building a SaaS company in an entirely new or emerging category;
  • Or you’re a SaaS founder beginning to build a category;
  • Or you’re a SaaS marketer who has been tasked with positioning your business as the category king.


3) What Happens after Product Market Fit? – Des Traynor

We spend so much time in SaaS obsessing over getting to product market fit without thinking about everything else that needs to go right for you to succeed.

Des Traynor (Intercom) defines the stage after product market fit as the ‘marketing stage’. You’ve built a product, got a few people using it… next you need to get people to know about you. 

In this video he shares how to get started marketing your product, by understanding the ways people buy, and marketing the job-to-be-done. 

This session from SaaStock 2019 is for you if:

  • You’re approaching product market fit, but aren’t sure where to focus next;
  • You’ve run some early marketing experiments and want to scale-up your SaaS marketing;
  • Or you’re a SaaS founder trying to decide where best to invest your marketing budget as you scale up.

4) Leverage Buyer Intent to Perfect Sales and Marketing Strategies – Thibaut de Lataillade and Thibaut Davoult

If you’re a SaaS marketer, it’s easy to spend all your time thinking about the execution: the campaigns you’re running, the different tactics, the channels you’re using…

This session by Thibaut de Lataillade (GVP, Gartner) and Thibaut Davoult (Head of Growth, Livestorm) looks at the different stages of the SaaS buyers journey, and reveals what the buyer is doing at each stage.

For example: one common marketing tactic at the ‘consideration’ stage of the buyers journey is getting new customer reviews. But do buyers even read reviews? If so, what are buyers looking for when they read them?

This session from SaaStock 2019 is for you if:

  • You’re a SaaS marketer who’s been heads-down executing for too long: remember to take a look around once in a while;
  • You’re a SaaS founder just getting started with marketing, and want to know where to focus first;
  • Or you’re a SaaS founder trying to build a customer-centric business, looking for inspiration to translate that into your marketing activities.