On this month’s episode of The Struggle, we speak with Hannah Chaplin, Co-Founder, and CEO of Receptive, a SaaS company that helps other SaaS companies make the most of the product feedback they get and turn it into insights that can help them grow.

Receptive is Hannah’s fourth company, the second which is SaaS. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 21 and knows all too well the struggles of starting a company. But also the exhilaration. Her first Saas company, Order harmony, was her learning ground about all things SaaS – from the basic metrics to the marketing, pricing, running a product and gathering feedback. The experience was priceless but the company never really took off. Four years ago, it morphed into Receptive.

Her greatest challenge has been the nagging question whether “a product feedback platform is a sustainable business.” Even as customers signed up for Receptive, Hannah still struggled with the doubts if this was a viable idea. What helped her is the numbness to negative feelings she had developed through the years by having taken so many risks in her previous companies.

As all the other guests on The Struggle, we have the utmost respect for Hannah and her ability to get comfortable with being scared all the time and never giving up. As we mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, at SaaStock we celebrate all the remarkable women of SaaS who push through the challenges of starting and running businesses, all the while growing families and dealing with a myriad of other responsibilities, and making SaaS a better place.

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