Larry Gadea (Envoy): Building SaaS products for the post-COVID workplace1 min read

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Larry Gadea, CEO and founder at Envoy is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show. He founded Envoy in 2013 to start a ‘revolution for the workplace’. Envoy is building smart tools to help offices run more smoothly – like welcoming visitors, receiving mail, and booking meeting rooms.

But a global pandemic that closes offices and drives people to work remotely isn’t great for companies that sell software for the physical workplace. In this episode he shares his experiences of adapting and pivoting Envoy in response to the pandemic – including building and launching a new product to help businesses return to work safely.

Watch the video, or listen to the audio-only version below:

Listen on to learn:
How Larry led Envoy through a whole-company pivot
The step-by-step process Envoy took to pivot and launch their new product
How Envoy raised capital during a global pandemic
And the biggest lesson Larry has learned in the last 3 months.

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