Last week, we announced a new SaaStock coming to Dublin this October.

As we started to think about this year’s event, we recognised that last year’s SaaStock wasn’t a different product from 2019. And that really, that was an iteration of the first SaaStock in 2016 (just 471% bigger). 

We wanted to innovate on that product and bring it forward to meet the needs of SaaS founders, operators, and investors now. In this market, faced with new technologies, and changing buying habits. 

We’re really excited about what’s to come, so I wanted to take the time to explain what changes we’re making and why we’re making them.

Changing demands from B2B SaaS leaders

As part of the development process, we spoke to hundreds of SaaS founders, operators, and investors about their challenges and took time to understand the part events can play in overcoming them. 

We consulted our community and sent the team out in the field. I also spoke to our podcast guests, and had conversations at length with our SaaStock Founder Members. The most common challenges? Fundraising, navigating market challenges, and go-to-market strategies. 

And it makes sense – things are moving quickly. AI is changing the product landscape and increasing competition, the fundraising landscape remains volatile, and tight budgets are lengthening sales cycles and making closing deals more difficult. 

What is clear though is that these are shared challenges and what people want is to understand what they can do now to overcome them more quickly. Yes, through content but increasingly through being connected with the right problem solvers, knowledge-sharing with peers, and building lasting connections. 

Prior SaaStocks have done this successfully. You might have seen that, as part of our campaign last week, we shared the stories of two founders who went on to multi-million dollar acquisitions, and growth rounds off the back of connections they made at SaaStock. Both great stories – and not the only ones – but we’re going to do more.

Introducing SaaStock 2.0

This October, SaaStock will be networking-led. That means, we’ll have a dedicated networking programme running alongside our content agenda. This new programme has a variety of touch points including curated discussions and facilitated meetings. 

This revamped format will make it easier to connect with the right people, learn from your peers, and get in front of your ICP – instead of relying on serendipitous meetings and introductions.

What’s new for 2024?

SaaStock will deliver event experiences that meet your needs, whether you’re a Pre-Seed Startup or a Series A/B company planning for growth. 

  • Experiences tailored to your company stage: The Accelerate Experience (Pre-Seed and Seed) and the Growth Experience (Series A+) provide a personalized programme of content, networking opportunities, and hands-on learnings.
  • VIP Experiences: A programme for intimate, closed-door discussions, knowledge sharing, and problem solving with peers.
  • And other event features like SaaStock Boardroom for C-Suite leaders, for real-talk about lessons learnt and addressing business challenges.

Ultimately, SaaStock 2.0 is the event our customers know and love – just newer, bigger, better, and more powerful. 

To mark the launch, we’ve released 200 tickets to the event, with a bundle offer that includes a 25% discount, exclusive pre-event content, enhanced onsite experiences and swag. But only to those who pre-register – here’s the link

I can’t wait to see this iteration of SaaStock come to life in October. Hope to see you there!


Partner with us at SaaStock 2024

Our networking-led approach and new activations also bring a host of new opportunities for our partners. Including more ways to have meaningful conversations with SaaS founders, generate leads, and build brand awareness.

Find out more about our partner opportunities