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As many other corporate spin offs, Workplace by Facebook was initially built for internal use within Facebook only. It was meant to be the bespoke tool that kept its thousands of employees connected.

It didn’t take long for Facebook to realise that need for connection in the workplace was ubiquitos to decentralised companies. The advantage that Workplace by Facebook brought was that it mirrored a product that people were already used to having in their personal life.

Workplace by Facebook was launched in October 2016, headed by Julien Codorniou in London, who had been working with Facebook since 2011.

We sat for a chat with Julien, to get a unique peek into the workings of a behemoth such as Facebook and how it breaks and reinvents the B2B sales and marketing rules.

Listen on to hear:

  • How Julien and Workplace turned the marketing and sales playbook upside down
  • How they sell into giant corporations such as Walmart
  • How the vision of a company can sell the product

Julien is one of many speakers we will welcome to SaaStock18. We are excited to release our full agenda next week.

Next week, we are taking you on a journey that spans from the stages of SaaStock 16 and 17 through to SaaStock on Tour Helsinki and New York to bring you our special Customer Success Radio Hour.

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