How to write great onboarding (and other) emails1 min read

how to create great onboarding emails with Aaron Krall

On this week’s regular episode of the show, Alex chats with Aaron Krall, Founder of the SaaS Accelerator and the SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Group. Aaron spends his time helping SaaS companies operating a trial to paid model get more traffic, increase conversions and reduce churn. That has him spend his time figuring how to send the best onboarding emails.

In the last over 2 years, Aaron has managed to help 80+ SaaS companies with their onboarding initiatives, bringing as much as 300% improvement in conversions. To get that good at onboarding and emails, Aaron has had to learn a lot about the art of emails, onboarding or else. When he started, his emails were according to him, flops. To learn better Aaron wrote onboarding emails for companies, asking founders and marketers for feedback in exchange. With time he got better and came up with frameworks that he now uses extensively. He still steadfastly believes in treating every person who receives an email as a VIP.

Listen on to hear

  • What are the most common mistakes companies do with onboarding emails and how to fix them
  • What ground work needs to be in place before a single email is written
  • How to create email sequences

Aaron is one of our excellent speakers at SaaStock East Coast, taking place in New York on June 4 and 5.

During the two days of the conference you will gain much more insight to help your SaaS get traction, grow and scale with talks such as how to make your customer onboarding awesome, how to develop a remarkable product launch strategy, how to leverage a framework for customer driven growth and strategies for successfully moving upmarket.

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