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Andrus Purde, Founder and CEO of Outfunnel has been a marketer for 21 years. Yet he would tell you he is only getting the grips of it now.

That, though, is more humbleness than reality as he has been instrumental to the growth of Pipedrive where he was the VP of Marketing for 7 years and helped the company reach 70,000 customers. Once the company reached that milestone last year, Andrus felt the zeros were too many for his liking or learning and what he truly craved was being back at the place where there’s only one zero. The place you start from scratch.

Several ideas had been bubbling in his head for some time but before Andrus devoted to any of it, he wanted to embark on the biggest customer development research he could humanly achieve.

Andrus literally came out with Outfunnel at SaaStock17 and the journey of customer development began. In the following months he would virtually and physically visit every continent on the planet, bar Antarctica, and in the process interview 60 CEOs, marketers and execs about his ideas. In the process he would find his product’s point for existence, a technical co-founder to built it out and three paying customers so far. Outfunnel became a marketing automation and insights platform.

As any other early stage founder, Andrus finds some days tough. One way he has found to push through them is via stand-up comedy and laughter.

Listen on to hear:

  • How Andrus conducted his customer development interviews
  • What were some of the biggest challenges on the way
  • How he gathered everything he knew about marketing to kickstart Outfunnel’s GTM strategy

Andrus is one of many speakers we will welcome to SaaStock18 where he will give us a live update of where Outfunnel is. We released our agenda last weekso check out the myriad of keynotes, bootcamps and fun loving opportunities that await you for three days in Dublin. We still have a few discounted tickets available for you, our devoted listeners. Tune in and see what it is and grab a ticket before July 31st.