How to move from Marketing Qualified Leads to Product Qualified Leads1 min read

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On this episode of the show, we chat with Kieran Flanagan, VP Marketing at HubSpot, about the essentials of product qualified leads.

A software engineer by education, Kieran very quickly figured out that he would be average at best when it came to building software products. Where he got excited was in getting people to use them, and grow that usage.

Kieran’s path in figuring that out has seen him go through companies like Salesforce and Marketo, finally landing at HubSpot 6 years ago. Such a long tenure is unusual for people like Kieran who get easily bored but HubSpot has proved such an incredibly interesting playground for experiments that he hasn’t been tempted to leave. In the past two years, he has been in charge of the entire top of the marketing funnel, which represents all the demand created through users and leads. A lot of that has been led by trials and the use of freemium products.

Listen on to hear:

  • What is a product qualified lead
  • How to know if a product-led strategy makes sense for your business
  • How to begin transitioning to product qualified leads

Kieran has spoken at three SaaStock conferences and will be back at SaaStock19, where we will bring many more marketers just like him. Sign up for our Insider sale to be the first to get access to our 2 for 1 ticket sale.

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