How to make better decisions while scaling and growing a SaaS company1 min read


In just a couple of weeks, on December 6th, we will be bringing the SaaStock experience all the way to SaaStock Oceania in Sydney. On this week’s episode, we bring you another great speaker we will host there – Ashik Ahmed, CEO and CTO of Deputy. 

Ashik will talk about the shit he wishes he knew as he was growing the company. One of the central themes in that is the learning curve in making better decisions, which is the subject of this week’s podcast.   

Ashik and his co-founder Steve Shelley founded Deputy ten years ago after grappling with scaling issues at Steve’s previous company where Ashik worked. As they fixed a lot of the problems, many people in Ashik’s network would enquire how it had happened. The problem of managing work and workers was huge so they decided to fix it. 

Bootstrapped for 8 years they relied on whatever they were earning in MRR to grow the company, which called for a specific kind of decisions making – never too long term but always fast-paced. Two years ago, they signed a term sheet with Openview and have been doubling in size each year since.  

Listen on to learn:
  • The most impactful advice Ashik ever got about making decisions
  • What aside from applying that framework is essential for making good decisions in a fast-growing SaaS company
  • An example of how Ashik made the decision to go with Openview after pitching to 27 other VC companies

After an amazing first SaaStock Oceania event, we will be back next year. Dates, tickets and more here.


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