On this week’s episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, Jessica Weisz, COO of SoapBox, a meeting platform that helps managers and companies have better conversations, offers tips on how to have better 1-1 meetings.

Jessica joined Soapbox as employee number 5 and her role was to take care of customers. Five years on, she has transitioned through several roles with her current being COO. As she says it, it’s the role of making sure shit gets done, which complements very well the visionary nature of her CEO.

SoapBox initially targeted enterprise deals but soon realised that this way it brought change to organisations in a top-down manner, which isn’t as effective in seeing this change come to fruition. Instead, a grassroots approach through a freemium model where one manager in a company starts using Soapbox, than another picks up on that and another is the way to go. Which is why the company completely revamped its business model moving from enterprise sales to freemium at the start of the year and has seen great take up since.

In the heart of what SoapBox does is the notion that better conversations between managers and employees is the most essential thing for the business to succeed.

Listen on to learn:
  • What is the essence of the 1-1 conversation
  • How 1-1s differ depending on the cadence
  • How to tactfully address negative feedback at 1-1s

You can watch Jessica’s entire talk from SaaStock18 where she gets into much more detail about how to have better meetings and stop wasting time on them by getting one of our SaaStock On-Demand packs.