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Bjoern Zinssmeister, CEO and co-founder of Templarbit, started programming when he was ten. It was part of the perks of growing up in a small town with no cinema or shopping mall at sight to distract. Years later, when he had exchanged the small European town for San Francisco, he would figure out just how many successful entrepreneurs had shared a similar remote beginning.

Bjoern left Germany for San Francisco as soon as he graduated university. In 2010 there simply wasn’t enough interesting tech coming from Europe to keep him around. It was all in Silicon Valley.

Before he founded Templarbit, a developer-oriented security platform, Bjoern took seven years to learn the trades of building and running tech companies. His journey started at up and concluded in Design Inc where he was the CTO.

It was after Design Inc closed shop gracefully and even buy viagra express shipping returned some of the money to investors, that Bjoern finally felt ready to start something from scratch. He sensed it had to be what he knew best — Security. The idea of Templarbit, a name inspired by the Knight Templars, was born. Quickly on, Bjoern and his co-founder Matthias Kadenbach managed to grasp the interest of Y Combinator and got in the Summer 17 badge. Since then Bjoern has raised $3 million in Seed funding and has already gone global with a very successful entry into Japan.

Listen on to hear:

  • How to pitch to Y Combinator with confidence
  • Does going to Y Combinator help
  • How to go global as an early stage company
  • How to conquer the Asian market
  • Why closing a company even with a million in the bank may be the right thing to do


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