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Canadian Dan Martell believes that the three least boring things on the planet are growth, happiness and influence. As such, a road paved with frameworks and processes to reach them, is anything but boring.

It is a road he has been navigating and paving with 5 companies, 3 exits and 39 angel investments, including the likes of Intercom. Dan met CEO and founder Eoghan McCabe at a conference in Atlanta in 2012 when what would become Intercom was merely one of many ideas on the Irish entrepreneur’s mind. Six months later when it had became “The Idea” he worked on and took with him to San Francisco, Dan would become one of Intercom’s first backers. The Canadian has similarly invested very early on in companies such as Hootsuite and Udemy.

A programer by education, Dan started his first business when he was 17. By age 24 he was selling to CTOs at Fortune 500 companies. To know how to do it, he read every book on persuasion, selling and psychology and attended every workshop he could. All the accumulated experience, Dan shares through his YouTube channel as well as by coaching companies making $10K+ MRR. One of the things he has perfected throughout his experience is the art of the product demo, which he talks about extensively on this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show.

Listen on to hear:

  • What almost everyone gets wrong when it comes to product demos
  • What is a simple framework for executing a product demo
  • How to ask for a close with confidence
  • What is the impact on the business when you don’t ask for a close on the call?
  • How to deal with objections?

After you have listened to it, download Dan’s rocket demo framework.

Dan is one of many speakers that we will host in Dublin this October. In his own words, “There is nothing more powerful than meeting many founders who are 2–3 years ahead of you on the journey.” 3000 attendees will come see and learn from founders like Michael Litt, Brynne Kennedy and David Cancel. As we are approaching the 100th episode of the podcast, we are offering a €100 discount for SaaStock18 to our listeners. Listen in to learn from Dan and grab the code.

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