In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, our host Alex Theuma is joined by Marie Martens, Co-Founder of Tally, who shares how the company bootstrapped to 60K MRR with a team of five.

So we thought ‘what if we can make forms fun again?’ What if we can make a form builder that is actually enjoyable and that people like to use – because forms are just really boring. It is a very competitive space but then we thought if we are going to bootstrap it, it is easier to grab 1% of a really big market than to grab 100% of a small niche one, so let’s just try this. We know the demand is there, and that’s how we came up with the idea of building Tally. 

Marie shares:

  • Why they chose to bootstrap Tally
  • Generational expectations for how to ‘set yourself up for success’ vs reality
  • How they’re positioning themselves against the competition
  • The journey of getting Tally’s first users (including the little trick she used on ProductHunt!)
  • Why Tally chose a freemium model

and more!

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SaaS Revolution Show

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