Tune in for an extra bonus episode of the podcast, hosting SaaStock LatAm speaker André Baldini, CEO of Superlógica who tell us how the company grew revenue 10x.

Superlógica was started back in 2001 as an ERP software for condominiums. André Baldini started out as VP of Sales In 2017 he was promoted to CEO. Previously his career path had traversed a variety of industries including banking, health, and EdTech. The common denominator between each was the use of technology and making an impact on people’s lives.

He has certainly had a massive impact on Superlógica. In the last three years, it has grown from 60 to 225 in headcount, 10x in revenue and now serves 4 different verticals. The biggest reason behind that growth is a switch to a full-blown SaaS model starting in 2016. In my conversation with André we get deep into the story behind that switch, how pricing plans were created and the pitch adjusted.

André is one of the speakers we will host in São Paulo for SaaStock LatAm on April 23-24th. There, he will be joined by speakers such as Aaron Ross, Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, Lauren Vaccarello, VP Marketing Box, Eric Santos, CEO of Resultados Digitais and many others. As Andre told me on the podcast, conferences like SaaStock coming over to Latam are key to helping the SaaS industry mature from its Early stages. I certainly hope we can contribute to the strengthening of the community. Join us at SaaStock LatAm to get more tips on growing your revenue 10x. Grab your ticket before we sell out.

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