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For Stan Massueras, Dublin was a love at first sight. It was 2004 and with a one way ticket and a €1000 in his back pocket, the Frenchman had ventured into the European booming capital of tech. Fourteen years and counting he still calls Dublin his home.

In those years he has had the chance to work in some of the greatest tech companies in the world. He started off at the more traditional ones like Xerox and HP. He then moved on to Facebook where him and two colleagues sat in a small basement office, establishing its European headquarters. They hoped they could reach the status of MySpace. Little did they know where Facebook would end up.

After that Stan joined Twitter when the company was beginning to experiment with ads. A little less than two years ago he joined Intercom. On this week’s episode of The SaaS Revolution Show, Stan talks about that experience and how Intercom approaches sales and customer acquisition and how he enables everyone to do the best work they can.

Listen on to hear:

  • How Stan has organised the sales team
  • What is the winning formula of doing great sales
  • His secret to keeping the team motivated and engaged

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