How B2B SaaS companies can thrive in the feedback economy1 min read

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On this week’s episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, we talk with one of the SaaStock19 Keynote speakers, Leela Srinivasan, CMO at SurveyMonkey about how B2B companies can survive and thrive in the feedback economy.

Originally from Scotland, Leela has spent her entire professional life in the US, passing through exciting companies such as Lever, OpenTable, Linkedin amongst others. Leela had been a long time SurveyMonkey user before she joined the company as their CMO about a year and a half ago. And she did so for many reasons, one of which being the proper attention the company gives to Diversity and Inclusion. Both the senior executive team as well as the board at SurveyMonkey are gender-balanced and diverse.

As SurveyMonkey has moved more and more into the B2B realm, they have been confronted with the fact that we live in the era of the feedback economy. In that sense Leela and her team have had to eat more and more in their own restaurant, meaning using SurveyMonkey to gather feedback in a variety of ways and acting on it.

Listen on to hear:

  • How did we get to the era of the feedback economy 
  • How SurveyMonkey gathers and acts on feedback
  • An example how gathering feedback helped SurveyMonkey land a branding campaign

Leela is one of many excellent speakers we will host at SaaStock19 in Dublin this October alongside other fantastic CMOs and VPs of Marketing such as Sydney Sloan CMO at SalesLoft, Alison Murdock CMO at SocialChorus, Kieran Flanagan VP Marketing at HubSpot and others. Grab a ticket now at the best possible price.

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