SaaStock Remote has been developed in collaboration with industry leaders, designed to help our global SaaS community refocus priorities and overcome new obstacles. 

Whether you’re a founder trying to adapt your SaaS business, an executive helping your team survive this crisis, or a startup looking for ways to thrive again in the future, our agenda has something for everyone.

We’ve hand-picked the hottest sessions for SaaS founders and leaders, across seven different themes. 

For Marketers

How to build a scalable growth engine through speed: 5 actionable strategies for building the fastest marketing team – Jaleh Rezaei, CEO & Co-Founder, Mutiny

To win in the current market, your marketing strategy means life or death for your business. When it comes to building scalable growth, you should focus on one thing and one thing only: SPEED. In this session Jaleh will share actionable strategies to help your team move 10 times faster and stop wasting time building campaigns that don’t work.

Re-think the funnel: High-touch engagements in a low-touch world – Tricia Gellman, CMO, Drift

Now digital channels have become the primary customer engagement model, Tricia Gellman shares how in a low-touch world you can continue to have high-touch engagements and hit your revenue goals. Discover how to ‘think outside the screen’, optimise different channels, and double-down on customer experience and communication.

For Sales Leaders

How to adapt your sales machine to acquire and monetize new customers – Cayetana Hurtado, VC, Balderton Capital

Sales teams are the revenue engine for SaaS companies. But when adapting your sales machine to the current environment, to what extent would you scrap outbound prospecting, or restructure your strategy in light of laid-off SDRs? This session breaks down the playbook you need to create dependable and scalable ways to reach customers through different sales channels to close near-term opportunities.

Selling right now: Building a best in class sales machine to acquire and monetize new customers – Steli Efti, CEO, Close

It has never been more important to adapt your sales model and messaging than now. But when you’re just starting out in the traction stage, how do you get sales and leads when companies are cautious to spend? Learn robust processes to deliver high quality leads. Identify the nuances of outbound and inbound sales strategies, and how to calculate your sales efficiency.

For Customer Champions

Why a ‘customer-first’ strategy for SaaS has never been more important – Lisa Reeves, SVP Product, Zenefits 

If you are not asking your customers “how can I help you”, you’re getting it wrong. Startups fail by allowing customer-facing teams to become siloed, losing the voice of the customer in the process. With everyone working from home, aligning sales, marketing, and customer success is critical to adapting to this new environment.

The future is here: How humans and AI will propel the hybrid workforce – Vasco Pedro, Co-Founder & CEO, Unbabel

The threat of AI taking over our jobs is a belief that many still have today. But the COVID-19 crisis has shown how organizations that are utilizing a hybrid workforce of humans and AI-powered virtual agents have been able to optimize the customer experience. While conversational AI provides 24/7 automated self-service, live agents have more bandwidth to focus on higher-value work that requires personal interactions.

For Pricing and Positioning Pros

Positioning in an economic downturn – April Dunford, Founder, Ambient Strategy

In this session, we will discuss how to sharpen your positioning to ensure your value proposition resonates with customers grappling with a shifting operational and financial landscape. We will also discuss how your value proposition may need to shift to align with changing customer priorities and how best to make that switch.

Searching for incremental product-market fit during a crisis – Guillaume Moubeche     Co-Founder & CEO, lemlist

Searching for product-market fit is an enduring task that’s key to mastering growth in your revenue model. In this practical session we’ll tackle product-market fit in the early stages: minimizing costs and maximising cash. We’ll also look at how to identify customers and competitors as you go to market.

For Navigating a Changing Workplace

How to survive and thrive in the post COVID era – David Skok

This time it’s personal: Business ethics & ego in a global recession – Jacco vanderKooij

What got you to this point will not get you to the next point. Many founders achieve success by bucking the trend and ignoring the advice of trusted advisors. That works – until it doesn’t. This point has come for many of us, as the problems we face today are far greater than a single company can tackle. This is the time to put your ego in check and let common sense prevail.

For Refocusing your Priorities

Harness the power of analytics to fuel your forward planning & future proof your business – Amir Orad, CEO, Sisense

Supercharge your growth (on a budget) – Bill Macaitis, Advisor & Board Member, Macaitis Advisory

Marketing budgets are getting cut left and right. Leadership teams are freaking out about missing targets. Layoffs are happening or looming in the distance.  It’s time to step up and be a hero. Explore how modern product-led growth (PLG) strategies can supercharge your company’s growth. Bill will share his top PLG strategies from Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

For Funding-Seekers

Surviving and thriving in your VC relationships – Christian Knott, Capnamic 

With revenues slowing and VCs becoming more cautious to invest, how do you manage cash flow and capital during the downturn? And with some investors still open for business, who are they and how can you get their buy-in? We’ll lay out what investors look for and how to build the longest runway possible, to ultimately grow your cash and capital at the end of it.

The exit playbook: Yes, it STILL exists – SC Moatti

Exit is a distant dream for many founders, especially during these times of crisis. In this session, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist SC Moatti will share best practices to get your company ready for an exit, from understanding what acquirers look for to making sure you’re positioning yourself and your team for financial success and preserving core parts of your business through the transition.