SaaStock EMEA is the most actionable online conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Taking place on October 12-15, 1pm-5pm CEST, we’re looking forward to an agenda packed with 30+ hours of insights from industry leaders including:

  • Reshma Sohoni, Managing Partner, Seedcamp
  • Daniel Dines – CEO & co-founder, UiPath
  • Patrick Campbell – CEO, Profitwell
  • Rahul Vohra – CEO & founder, Superhuman

We can’t get together in-person right now, but we believe it’s so important that we come together, keep learning, inspire one another and continue building our companies. Join us for an online conference dedicated to intensive knowledge and networking, all in the name of traction, growth, and scale. 

Here are the key topics we’ll be exploring at SaaStock EMEA:

2020 has seen widespread digital transformation open up new opportunities for some companies, and posed an unprecedented threat to others. Whether the last 6 months have been a trial or a triumph, we’ll share strategies for building a SaaS business in the new world. You’ll learn how to be more data-driven in decision-making, lean in process and lead with empathy.

Out of Office Forever

2020 has seen the largest work-from-home experiment in history. But has your team found frustration or freedom outside the office? Whether remote work is a temporary trial or the future of work for your company, we’ll explore how you can craft and grow a healthy company culture. You’ll learn how to prioritise emotional health, protect your employees’ attention and prevent burnout.

Go Global, Stay Glocal

How do you overcome cultural differences and find global G2M fit? Scaling up in a different country is like starting a new company. So, should you master local and regional markets first, then grow internationally, or land and expand from the outset? EMEA’s biggest global success stories will share the secrets behind their growth strategies. 

SaaS with Social Impact

This year, we’ve seen social inequalities rise to the surface. From women’s rights to #BLM, we’ve widely become more woke to the world. But, should the tech bubble burst, are you sitting on the right side of history? From nurturing diversity to supporting staff, we’ll deconstruct what a purpose-driven SaaS business looks like. Be prepared to consider your ethics, how you’re making money, and the wider social impact of your business.

Product-Led Future

Producing a great product that continuously ‘sells itself’ has always been the founders’ dream. But what does being product-led mean for your sales and marketing engines, and how can you create, iterate and scale a high-quality product that delivers seamless UX? From designing a data-driven roadmap to creating viral loops, we’ll share how to build a successful product-led company. You’ll learn how to achieve that perfect combination – low CAC and high LTV.

Keep your Customers Close

Customers are the lifeblood of every SaaS business. You should listen closely – their voice belongs at the heart and forefront of everything you do. So, how do you align your entire team around their evolving needs? We’ll deconstruct what a customer-centric SaaS business looks like – both from an internal process and external communications perspective.

The New Way of Selling

When the world moved online, selling suddenly became a virtual experience. We’ll examine how buyer decision-making has changed and explore what a winning sales model looks like now, both for SMB and enterprise. You’ll learn how to restructure your team for growth, craft compelling messaging and develop a data-driven strategy.

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Master your Markets

As the world moves towards recession, marketing budgets are being cut left, right and centre. So, how can you continue to connect with customers and own your category with less cash? Expert marketers will share how to shape your team, targets and timelines for the new normal, from the best channels to optimise to best practice for creating a holistic customer experience. Whatever your stage of growth, you’ll learn how to stay lean in operational costs and keen in the eyes of the customer.

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Investment Landscape - an overview

Earlier in the year, it seemed like VCs were more cautious to invest – but is that still the case? And in a remote world, how do you secure that next funding round? Industry analysts will explore the EMEA investment landscape, breaking down the types of capital you can receive and discussing alternative paths. You’ll learn where the opportunities lie for founders, which investors are still bullish and how to capitalise on changes in investment criteria.

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Sustainable Growth

This year we’ve seen a real shift away from ‘growth at all costs’ to ‘growing sustainably’. But, in an unpredictable economy, how can you really be sure your company is healthy? It’s time to ditch those vanity metrics and get a firm handle on the metrics that matter. You’ll learn how to use company metrics to build a growth engine based on real data and leave prepared to plan for market fluctuations.

Pricing and Positioning in 2020

You need to be certain your customers see your product as a must-have and not just nice-to-have. But, in a volatile market, how do you price and position your product for success? Should you be rolling out a freemium offering, moving downmarket, or changing your pricing strategy altogether? The answers lie in your product usage data and down funnel metrics – revenue per customer, customer churn, cohort analysis. You’ll learn how to adapt your model to changing markets, pull different pricing levers to positively affect your cash flow, and explore new untapped segments.

Will you join us?

Join us on October 12-15 for SaaStock EMEA Online: 4 days, 30+ hours of content, all focused on helping you keep learning, innovating and building your business. Don’t miss out!

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