Are you aware that some salespeople possess an innate talent for closing deals at an unparalleled pace? These individuals are known as high velocity salespeople – they can close more deals faster than anyone else!

Uniting with the right understanding of your prospects’ desires and fears, along with a keen comprehension of the benefits that your solution or service provides, can yield increased success.

To acquire this understanding, it is vital to comprehend the dynamics behind a customer’s decision-making process – a process known as influence mapping.

1. Acknowledge that you’re not a perfect salesperson.

When you’re confronted with a prospective lead who appears hesitant or indecisive, it can be tempting to lash out and make matters worse. However if you simply remain calm and follow these six steps, your sales success rate won’t suffer in the least!

One of the biggest lead generation challenges is to find prospects that are the right fit for your business. When you’re confronted with a prospective lead who appears hesitant or indecisive, it can be tempting to lash out and make matters worse.

The solution? Allow yourself to acknowledge that you may not be the ideal salesperson. Accepting this reality will help facilitate an honest conversation with potential customers when they aren’t feeling particularly amenable towards making a purchase decision.

You might have some concerns about pitfalls in your sales process; however, high velocity leads do not possess this quality! As such, their level of certainty is unparalleled among all prospects available for sale. Make haste in delivering on your promises with expediency!

In order to fully comprehend what your prospect is thinking, one must have a thorough understanding of their mindset. This includes fostering a growth mindset, which is about believing in the ability to learn and grow over time. Don’t forget about the importance of addressing concerns as well as listening attentively — both are essential parts of any successful sales interaction!

2. The goal of any sales call isn’t to close the deal.

It is imperative to be cognizant of the fact that a sales rep’s primary objective during any interaction with a potential client is not necessarily to close the deal. Rather, it is to fully comprehend theneeds of your target audience so as to be able to craft an effective sales pitch.

When I perceived my own need for self-improvement and began working towards this end, I would often find myself in awkward conversations where no progress was being made. It was here that I discovered why salespeople do what they do: by speaking with one another about their experiences and achieving success in dealing with weaknesses like mine – both parties emerge possessing greater knowledge about how best to combat such obstacles and therefore how to get sales leads for free!

By utilising the best sales apps available, sales reps can streamline their processes, track customer interactions, and gather valuable data to better understand customer needs, leading to more effective sales pitches and providing presentation tips for optimal delivery.

3. You’ll never get to the point of a sales call where everything is easy.

Regardless of your stage in the sales process, there will always be obstacles that must be overcome. These can range from customers’ hesitance over making a purchase to their initial hesitation upon receiving their new product. Even if all these issues have already been resolved and addressed, you cannot expect them to cease occurring altogether.

The issue with this approach is that even though it’s meant to help prevent complacency from setting in, it could result in you not taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. This can impede your progress and leave unaddressed customer needs – which may ultimately lead to failure!

4. Don’t go into each sales call with a plan.

The art of selling is all about providing value to your prospect, creating an honest and open dialogue with them – ensuring every interaction matters.

Don’t spend your time preparing before beginning a sales call on your contact center software, instead, let the conversation unfold organically as it should. Prospects will be more receptive towards what you have to say if they feel like they are afforded ample opportunity for discussion. Make sure to ask qualifying questions to discover what you can offer your prospect and how inclined they are to purchase your products or professional services

Bruce Mohr, Vice-President at Fair Credit adds, A debrief session after each meeting helps ensure that the lines of communication remain open during subsequent encounters – this allows for greater chances for success!”

5. If your brain is on cruise control…

Have you ever had the experience of experiencing hypnagogia – that trance-like state between sleeping and waking where thoughts seem to flow effortlessly?

This can be disconcerting, but it can also provide a sense of liberation. The ability to remain undisturbed while still engaging in conscious thought affords an opportunity for greater creativity and self-awareness during your expeditions into REM sleep; thereby providing a veritable haven from monotonous interactions with those around us!

To master the art of high velocity sales, you must harness this phenomenon. If you find yourself cruising along at your typical pace and feeling that there’s something missing or uneasy about it all – take heed! You may be able to kickstart new ideas with ease.

…slow down and take a breath.

If you feel yourself getting steamrolled by the unyielding demands of your work schedule and responsibilities, it may be beneficial to take a momentary break. After all, this is the very reason why we have designated breaks in between our daily schedules – so as not to become overburdened!

Gently unwind with some time off; perhaps visit a local escape room or simply spending an evening at home cuddling up with your significant other can help recharge your batteries for another day of high-octane endeavors.

6. High velocity doesn’t mean stressful or frantic sales calls that lack respect and professionalism

Those that are familiar with high-velocity sales are cognizant of the stress and frantic nature associated with them. There is no denying the inherent pressure brought on by such calls; however, being prompt in your approach can help mitigate some of it.

Utilizing advanced technology, savvy salespeople can successfully manage their time and schedule more calls while still ensuring each interaction remains respectful and professional. Utilize scheduling apps like or TenaciousIQ to help keep track of all your appointments while prioritizing those that require immediate attention over others that may be less urgent. You can also utilize project management platforms, marketing resource management solution, and CRM tools to organize your tasks like Capsule CRM and CRMs to augment operations/ customer data. If you hire manufacturing software developers, you can use cloud manufacturing software or the best dock scheduling solutions to gain access to critical information in real-time and make decisions as per the information. However, when adding a tool to your sales tech stack, there are a few things to consider. Look at how easy it is to use, if it integrates with your existing tools, and how well it helps build relationships with your clients.

Moreover, if you could adopt a practice of deferring to the client’s preference for when they want to talk, this would provide a space for both parties to relax and unwind before diving into any troublesome conversations or decision-making processes.


Are you in pursuit of high velocity sales? If so, then this article was designed with you in mind!

By nature, high-velocity sales are a mystery; they do not come naturally and cannot be forced. Rather than striving for them, we should accept the fact that they simply do not happen overnight; instead, it is up to us to make them happen.

To propel your sales through the roof, it takes more than just effort. You need to be willing to invest time, money and resources into each transaction – and then ultimately achieve success.