In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, our host Alex Theuma is joined by Angeley Mullins, Chief Commercial Officer at Resourcify, who shares if branding in B2B SaaS has taken a back seat.

So every founder and CEO has a voice, they founded their company for a reason, most people that founder their companies, you know, are overcoming a ton of adversity to found their companies and to raise capital. So use your voice, and whichever medium that works for you, if it’s giving panel sessions, if it’s being on the news, if it’s writing articles, doing a content blog, like you said it depends on the type of company and what they’re selling. You have a voice, and use it. That’s the most important thing. shares:

  • Being a builder vs an optimiser
  • The value of team consensus and cohesion
  • Being in an era of sustainable revenue growth
  • The relationship between product market fit and brand identity
  • Building a brand that will keep paying off overtime (best done at Series A stage)
  • If TikTok is effective for B2B
  • The importance of being fearless – more people are afraid of success than they are of failure

and more!

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