8x Growth in 2020: Scaling at an Exponential Pace with Gilles Bertaux, Livestorm1 min read

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Gilles Bertaux is the CEO and co-founder of Livestorm. Livestorm is a video conferencing software, and in November 2020 Gilles and the Livestorm team raised a $30M Series B round to create a video conferencing ecosystem. He joins Alex Theuma on The SaaS Revolution Show to talk about scaling a company at an exponential pace – as well as Livestorm’s recent funding round.

Listen on to learn:

  • The struggles and lessons from raising funding at the same time as a bigger-name competitor
  • How Livestorm adapted to 8x growth from January-December 2020
  • What Livestorm is planning for 2021, now they’ve raised their Series B
  • And how Gilles as the CEO is adapting and managing Livestorm’s hypergrowth

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