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From Price Intelligently to ProfitWell: How a SaaS company evolves

Patrick Campbell is something of a pricing guru in the SaaS world. He wasn’t always though. It was a job he had for a short period after he had spent time in Google and the Intelligence services in Washington DC, that showed clearly to him the sort of impact even small price alterations can have on the bottom line.

A statement more valid than ever in the subscription economy. So six years ago, young and without family commitments, Patrick decided to give entrepreneurship a go and see what he could build with his background in econometrics and math and curiosity for price elasticity. Price Intelligently was born. Patrick gave himself 9 months to see if there was something and he could make a viable business out of it.

Patrick worked 18-hour days, setting everything up and writing a lot of content. That content didn’t just help him with publicity, which he got after a tech journalist from Boston Globe picked up his story, but also aided his own understanding of what he was trying to do.

As time went by, more and more customers needed help with extracting the data that Price Intelligently could give them about price elasticity, and the professional services part of the company began growing. A few years into it, ProfitWell, the arm of the company that provides financial metrics like MRR and churn was born. Currently operating as a freemium tool and the namesake of the newly rebranded company, it helps Patrick and the team bring all this together and reach their end goal of figuring the math and economics of the subscription business model and helping customers around the world.

Listen on to learn:
  • Why professional services and product need to go hand in hand
  • What has been the evolution of ProfitWell
  • Why ProfitWell relies on a freemium model

Patrick is joining us for SaaStock, running a pricing workshop and bringing a couple of new talks, including a very personal one about battling with cancer throughout the whirlwind journey of growing ProfitWell. We will have many more pricing and metrics talks during SaaStock and you are sure to leave much better equipped to tackle them.

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