In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show our host Alex Theuma is joined by Veronika Riederle, Co-Founder and CEO at Demodesk, to talk to us about Demodesk’s pre-seed to series A journey and how they raised VC through to $1M ARR.

Very often you look at other companies and say “oh wow, this company raised XYZ” and “this company’s so successful” and “how did they get to that valuation?!”, the world for startups is very often black and white. And of course you’re also only seeing the success stories, the stories that are less successful you don’t typically hear publicly – they don’t share it! So you can easily think that it’s super easy fundraising and that it’s a perfect process but in reality it’s just not like that, you always have to improvise and find your own way.

Veronika shares:

  • Why she and Alex founded Demodesk together
  • Why they chose to raise capital instead of bootstrap
  • The one big thing to avoid when fundraising
  • Advice she’d give her 2018 self when Demodesk started
  • Her favourite thing about SaaStock ⚡️

and more!

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