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On this week’s episode, we are taking you to the SaaStock New York stage for the chat Nic Poulos, Partner at Bowery Capital had with David Cancel, CEO of Drift about the stellar journey of reaching 70,000 customers in three years in what is the incredibly oversaturated MarTech vertical.

David Cancel needs no introduction. The five-time founder who has achieved 4 exits in his 20 year career had three options in front of him as he left HubSpot where he served as Chief Product Officer.

He could do nothing, he could get into the venture capital world or he could do the whole rollercoaster ride one more time. He opted for the third and Drift was born.

What it has grown to be is a whole new category of conversational marketing, shifting the buying process in B2C and B2B. Inherently slow and passive, Drift is turning it into a real-time two-sided conversation.

David and Nic’s conversation is a treasure trove of insights about hypergrowing, something possible and attainable even when you have thousands of competitors.

Listen on to hear:

  • Why Drift is so customer-driven
  • What are some of unscalable things they are doing that have helped the growth
  • How they have designed their sales process
  • What is the future of differentiation in SaaS

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