SaaStock Remote kicks off next week, and our full agenda is finally here! 

Whether you’re a fearless founder, a spirited startup, or a heroic investor, this is the map that’ll help you navigate the event. 

Plan your SaaStock Remote journey on June 10-11, and come back on June 12 for our Workshop Day where you can share your experiences of the last two days with other SaaS pioneers.

Best Sessions for Fearless Founders

You’re leading your crew on a life-changing journey. You need to be prepared for what lies ahead, and all the obstacles that could block your progress. 

Whether you’re seeking funding at Investor Peak, or you’re going to bootstrap your way to the Scale Shore, strong leadership, clear vision, and honest communication are essential. And so is learning from those who’ve walked this path before.

So here are 3 of the top sessions for fearless founders at SaaStock Remote.

  • The playbook to (re)igniting growth – Aaron Ross (Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue)
  • MonYAY: Dismantling the myth of hustle culture – David Heinemeir Hansson (Co-founder & CEO, Basecamp)
  • Lessons from a 2-time SaaS founder: How to lead through an economic downturn – Tony Jamous (CEO, Oyster)

Best Sessions for Spirited Startups

The startup journey is long and filled with unanticipated challenges that threaten to slow your progress, halt growth, and sap the energy from your team.

Whether you’re heading to Investor Peak or crossing Traction Terrain, it’s essential that your whole team is prepared, informed, and up for the journey. But no startup is an island: you’ll need friends and allies to help you along the way.

So if you’re a spirited startup heading to SaaStock Remote, look out for these 3 opportunities:

  • Surviving and thriving in your VC relationships – Christian Knott (Partner, Capnamic Ventures), Martin Angert (Director, Susquehanna Growth Equity), Joyce Mackenzie Liu (Founder, Pegafund)
  • How to survive and thrive in the post COVID era – David Skok (General Partner, Matrix Partners)
  • Investor Matchmaking

Best Sessions for Heroic Investors

And finally, for heroic investors, who guide so many spirited startups on the next leg of their journey, and help fearless founders unlock the funds they need to continue their quest.

Whether you’re meeting fellow Investors, scouting out Startups Woodland, or helping founders reach Customer Centricity Kingdom, you can be the allies that spirited startups need along the way.

These are the top opportunities for heroic investors at SaaStock Remote:

  • Startup Matchmaking
  • Beyond the cloud: New opportunities in the third decade of SaaS – Rory O’Driscoll, Partner, Scale Venture Partners
  • Startup Pitch Competition

Best Sessions for Everyone

No matter which role you play in the land of SaaStock Remote, and whatever stage of your journey you’re on, some parts of this event will appeal to everyone:

  • Network: visit the networking area for 5 minute chats to meet with fellow SaaS pros, and build the connections you need for the next stage of your journey.
  • Workshop Day: June 12 is a day of dedicated workshops for SaaS founders, investors, and executives to deep dive into specific business challenges (available to all except SaaStock Ignition ticket holders).
  • SaaStock Remote Book Club: 5 best-selling authors and SaaS pros will run book club sessions with you to answer questions, talk about their book, and geek out over all things SaaS.