Stephen McIntyre, Partner at Frontline Ventures is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show.

Currently Partner at Frontline Ventures, Stephen was previously at Twitter and Google, before moving into VC. He was one of Twitter’s first employees outside of the US, and joined Google during a period of hypergrowth.

He brings his experience as an operator and now as an investor to The SaaS Revolution Show, to talk about what US SaaS and tech startups need to consider when expanding into Europe.

Watch the video of this episode, or choose the audio-only version below:

Listen on to hear Stephen’s top insights about how tech startups have expanded from the US to EMEA in the past decade, plus:

  • What investors like Frontline are looking for in B2B SaaS startups
  • The biggest trait early-stage investors look for in startup founders
  • How Brexit affected the way US startups have expanded into EMEA since the UK’s EU referendum

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