This autumn, SaaStock19 returns to its spiritual home; Dublin, a city renowned for its friendly inhabitants and famously generous hospitality. While our events run across the globe throughout the year and attract an international crowd that reflects this, our flagship event is firmly rooted in Europe. it’s always wonderful to welcome some of the best European SaaS companies to our flagship event. We will greet an incredibly diverse range of businesses from right across the continent and beyond.

In advance of the event, with so much on offer, we always advise a bit of research and planning in order to ensure you can prioritize your time across those precious few days. To help you get a headstart on the process, we’ve provided this roundup of some of the most exciting European SaaS companies who’ll be represented in October. We couldn’t be more proud of them. Join them and grab a ticket at the best possible price now. 

🇷🇴 Softlead: Swipe Right For Software

Representing Romania, we kick off our round up with Softlead; an integrated online platform which promises to help matchmake your business with perfect software solutions. Leveraging considerable experience, they make filtering through thousands of potentially helpful applications a simple, streamlined process, helping to remove the guesswork and unnecessary investment in solutions that don’t quite hit the mark for your specific needs. The amount of choice and variety within the modern software marketplace is a wonderful thing, but Softlead could prove just the guide you need to lead you through the sometimes overwhelming amount of options out there.

🇵🇱 HCM Deck: Give Your Team Super Powers

We all know that recruitment is just one small piece of the workforce puzzle today. Once promising recruits are brought on board, the real work begins, onboarding, upskilling and retaining. With most companies striving for a growth mindset in their staff, the process of development should never really end, and hailing from Poland, HCM Deck provides a smart one stop shop for any organisation looking to engage, support and assist employees in this quest. A beautifully intuitive interface makes this feature-rich platform a real winner, as onboarding, surveying, performance reviews and an internal wiki are all brought together under one roof. 

🇩🇪 Quintly: Gain Data-Driven Insight Into Your Social Marketing

Living up to their reputation for precision engineering, the German brains behind Quintly have brought a powerful analytics platform to market, designed to shed qualitative, definitive light on the success of your social media strategy. What’s especially smart about their product is its flexibility, lending itself to a wide range of organizations from brands to agencies and media. This versatility is demonstrated by an impressive client list, including cosmetics giants Benefit, kissmetrics and Radio Télévision Suisse.

🇮🇪 Asavie: Simplicity In Software Security 

On home turf in their native Ireland, we’re delighted to have Asavie joining us at SaaStock this year. Their award-winning technology brings much-needed simplicity to the task of ensuring reliably secure connectivity for organizations the world over. Notably, their PassBridge platform enables on-demand services for the safe, smart distribution of data to connected devices, opening up enterprise to all of the innovation and opportunity the Internet Of Things and mobile offers. Strategic partnerships have been struck up with firms such as AT&T, Telefonica, Verizon, Vodafone, as well as Arrow, AWS, Dell and MultiTech and thousands of end-user customers across many industries.

🇧🇪 Babelway: For B2B As Easy As ABC

Processing tens of millions of documents for thousands of businesses around the globe, Bableway, joining us from Belgium, are here to show us that B2B integration can be as smooth as their homeland’s famed beer. Their standout online platform enables the automation of document flows between partners requiring differing formats or transfer methods. Easing this pain point not only speeds up the way companies can collaborate, it also leaves businesses open to freely integrate with the technologies that they favor based on their own unique requirements, as opposed to a perceived need to go along with generic industry standards. A real game-changer for those who find they are constantly frustrated and hampered by clunky processes in this crucial field. 

🇦🇹 App Radar Software: Rocketing Rankings For Apps & Games

Based out of Austria, App Radar Software are here to help you shine a spotlight on your app within a crowded marketplace. Providing first-rate app store optimization, and search ad services, they utilize sleek automation, a sophisticated Keyword Explorer tool and more to set up apps and games for success, increased organic downloads and ever-increasing ranking. And they don’t stop there; their smart AI will also perform an optimization health check, taking into account all factors influencing the app store algorithms to help paint a clear picture of your real-time state of play, and any opportunities that you might be missing out on.

🇧🇾 Altum Analytics: Elevating Dashboards To An Art Form

Representing Belarus, Altum Analytics are on a mission to make beautiful data visualizations not only simple to create but increasingly optimized for assisting the interpretation of data. By democratizing the creation of compelling dashboards, reports and more, Altum unlock everyone’s ability to communicate insights visually and accurately, safe in the knowledge that the analysis, interpretation, and content are based on dependable, rock-solid data. A built-in library means that elements can be reused and shared, and progressive creation means that users can make their final outputs as minimal or elaborate as they wish.

🇭🇷 Productive: A Swiss Army Knife For Agencies

Admittedly hailing from Croatia as opposed to Switzerland, nevertheless, Productive pack a feature-rich punch to rival any army’s pocket knife. Billed as ‘the only tool you need to run an agency,’ as their name suggests, efficiency is the aim of the game here. Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice with the number of solutions promising to soothe each and every workflow pain point, but most folk who’ve tasted agency life can attest to juggling a bewildering range of tools if things aren’t kept in check. Productive promises to make that sense of “software overwhelm” a thing of the past, bringing your entire project lifecycle into one well-considered tool.

🇨🇿 Smartlook: Czech Out The Website Your Visitors See

Offering a suite of features including heatmaps, visitor recordings, event tracking and funnels at a very impressive price point, Smartlook helps to unlock the ‘whys’ of your users’ behaviors using clear, visual insights. With analytics available for both desktop and mobile, the 360-degree clarity on offer helps clear the way for boosted revenue and ROI, decreased churn and happier customers, and so far has come to the assistance of more than 200,000 customers.

🇩🇰 Leap: Look Before You…

Danish startup, Leap, provide a competitor analysis and market research tool, helping you unlock the secrets to the full scope and potential of your market share and growth, without having to slow down to test every step of your development as you go. In addition to discovering your own market position, they enable you to identify the real runners and riders in your sector, and where you sit relative to them. As a company concerned with a competitive edge, their current online presence keeps their cards fairly close to their chest: all the more reason to come and meet in person at SaaStock this October!

🇪🇪 Katana: The Digital Elves Within Your Workshop

The first SaaS of their kind, Estonian outfit Katana are helping to drive and simplify the modern markers’ revolution, putting organizational power in the hands of artisans and producers the world over, with their smart workshop software. Their product enables you to plan production, control and optimize inventory, track and action fulfillment, keep a close eye on ordering and costs and even exercise control at floor level, with prioritized tasks for production line employees. In addition to this suite of tools, a strong stable of integrations representing the big hitters of eCommerce and accounting brings everything under one sleek dashboard. A real game-changer; if you’re in the business of physical products, beat a path to Katana during your time with us in Dublin.

🇫🇮 Lyyti: Get Your Party Started

Regularly topping the charts in terms of the world’s most stressful jobs, anything that makes event management easier should be welcomed with open arms. Batting out of Finland, Lyyti are here to offer some Scandinavian calm and clarity to the chaos, with a scalable solution bringing a full suite of tools that take your event, from launch to right through to feedback and analysis. A couple of interesting differentiating factors at play within their offering is the Lyyti Marketplace, a handpicked crew of integration partners, and the Lyyti Designer tool, a CSS-editor allowing designers to access and transform visual elements that are part of the attendee interface.

🇫🇷 Agorapulse: Social Media Made ‘Vraiment Facile’

With 17,000 social media managers on the books, Argorapulse bring some Gallic charm to the often chaotic world of content planning and deployment. With their product refined for the SMBs and agency market, eight years of experience has helped them develop a platform that combines simplicity with affordability, but in addition to this very strong core product, their altruistic suite of free tools are well worth checking out. These include their Facebook Page Barometer, which provides a neat, honest snapshot of platform interactions, the Twitter Report Card, which shows you how your activities match up to close competitors, and a Facebook Contests tool, which offers templates for a variety of competitions to boost engagement on your timeline.

🇭🇺 Render Node Monitor: Hungary For Optimised Render Work

Rendering has a reputation for being an expensive, slow, energy-hungry process. RNM are here to help bring change to the industry, with an automated, intelligent network utility tool that enables one-click remote desktop access, and promises to boost productivity and cost-efficiency with highly efficient resource management. Their smart notification feature will also give you a real-time heads up should anything unexpected rear its head during the rendering process, helping you avoid any nasty, costly surprises. With eCommerce platforms such as Shopify doubling down on 3D, the need for a smart solution to the management of rendering farms is only going to grow in years to come, and RNM provide a solution that’s already gaining many fans around the globe.

🇱🇺Open Assessment Technologies: Building Better Assessments

A player within the educational and professional space, Luxembourg’s Open Assessment Technologies are coming to the rescue of those organizations looking to exercise a little more precision and control over their assessment experience. From authoring to delivery and reporting, their flagship TAO tool offers a next-generation assessment solution which promises the endless possibilities of custom styling and workflows, integrations with external systems and test taker features. In addition, being open source means that users can benefit from the wisdom and experience of an engaged and expert assessment community. Top marks from us.

🇳🇱SaySimple: Amplifying The Power Of Social Messaging

The straight-talking Dutch are here to help you say it simply; social messaging is a powerful engagement tool that you should be leveraging to maximum effect. As the bar is continually raised in terms of customer communication, SaySimple’s platform brings companies closer to what they term “Conversational Excellence” – a practice which has the power to transform customer service from a profit drain to a moneymaker, hyper-personalize your customers’ experiences and automate communication in a way that feels natural, seamless and friendly. Their platform consists of three main modules; social messaging, messaging intelligence, and the all-important conversational excellence. Leveraging all three, and integrating with all social media platforms, expect your customer experience to be transformed.

🇳🇴 Teston: Testing That Doesn’t Test Your Patience

User testing; love it or hate it, it needs to get done. Norway’s Teston are here to help make the process slick, efficient and enjoyable for all parties involved. In terms of defining a target audience, users can recruit their own panel or have Teston handle things. Once your testers are on board, simply define your task, hit publish and let Teston work its magic. Within a few hours, your results videos will start arriving, ready for assessment, analysis and fine-tuning of your product or service. User reactions are fully captured, as full use of face, voice and screen recordings are made. When face to face meetings are impractical or impossible, Teston offers a healthy injection of empathy, understanding and humanity to the user testing process.

🇸🇰 Kontentino: Get Truly Content With Your Content

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this was certainly the case for Solvakian Kontentino, a powerful social media calendar for agencies and brands that was born out of a leading Central European advertising agency’s desire to calm the chaos surrounding co-creating and approving content for social media. Trusted today by brands such as Ikea, Nestle and McCann, with over a million posts deployed, in just a couple of years Kontentino has grown from a useful internal tool to a powerful platform bringing order and insight to companies around the world. With post previews, and one-click scheduling, multiple channels can be managed in one calendar, and client approval is fully integrated, ensuring commenting and sign off is seamless.

🇪🇸 WorkWild: Taking Control Of Company Culture

Currently in beta phase, if you’re part of a company concerned with taking a proactive approach to ensuring their internal culture is hitting all of the right notes, now is the time to apply for pre-registration with Barcelona startup, WorkWild. With recruitment and retention one of today’s biggest challenges, employee satisfaction isn’t something you should be left up to chance, and WorkWild’s smart CultureBots ensure that you not only keep your finger on the pulse of morale and atmosphere, through automated culture analysis but that you can also take informed and targeted action, through further automated engagement activities. Get a head start as an early adopter, and make sure you book a meeting in Dublin this October!

🇬🇧 MentionMe: Invitation Only

With 90% of customers claiming they’d trust the recommendation of friends and family over any traditional form of advertising, referrals are rapidly becoming the new marketing channel of choice for smart retailers and service providers. MentionMe are the market leaders within the referral scheme space, helping to harness and digitize the oldest form of marketing in the world; word of mouth. It’s always gratifying to see a company demonstrate total faith in its product, and MentionMe do just that, working on a CPA basis. Not only does referral deliver cost-efficient acquisition, referred customers have also been found to have a Life Time Value of 2x that of non-referred customers.

That concludes our grand SaaStock tour of European SaaS companies! Amongst the clear diversity of offering on show here, a few clear trends emerge; simplicity, streamlining, optimized workflows and better use of existing resources. We’re all looking for an easier, more productive day to day within our working practice, and SaaStock is proud to bring together such an all-star group of those with the power, tools and platforms to help get you there. Learn a little more about the opportunities for your own company to start really gaining traction over the course of four content and connection packed days in Dublin.