This extra-special episode of The SaaS Revolution Show comes straight from the online stage at SaaStock Remote.

Join Mathilde Collin, CEO and co-founder of Front, in conversation with Alyssa Newcomb, technology reporter for and NBC News, as they discuss designing for quiet in product and in business.

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There’s a huge amount of ‘noise’ in our working lives: emails, slack notifications, calendar reminders, social media alerts… With companies across the world working remotely, we’ve turned that digital volume up to 11 as we double down on team communication. But this always-on, noisy culture kills focus, eats away at our mental health, and ultimately prevents us from doing our most impactful work. As the background digital noise increases, what can we do – as product owners, as founders and as leaders – to help our users, our teams, and ultimately ourselves find some quiet again?