Corrily Wins First-Place in Inaugural SaaStock USA Global Pitch Competition.

Competing against 18 scaling SaaS companies looking to prove product market fit, market validation, and promising business models, Corrily comes out on top.


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. August 15, 2023 — Corrily, San Francisco based monetization growth engine, joined global SaaS businesses in Austin, Texas (May 31 – June 2, 2023) to take part in SaaStock USA’s inaugural Global Pitch Competition. A three-part pitch series, Corrily’s co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Alex David, participated in the final round against OneUp Sales and Userflow before being crowned winner. 


Alex David, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Corrily, said of the Global Pitch Competition:

“The pitch competition was an exceptional experience. Not only were we able to showcase our company, creating leads for our business – we were also able to meet and network with the other contestants, all of whom were amazing founders in their space. Winning the competition was the cherry on top – along with the fundraising support that it helped drive!”


Their SaaStock USA Global Pitch Competition win marks a new milestone in Corrily’s SaaS journey. Beyond gaining global recognition and access to SaaStock’s network of investors, the result reinforces Corrily’s potential in the fintech space.


Corrily’s revolutionary approach to monetization has led to remarkable results for their customers; experiencing monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increases of up to 50% within just sixty days of implementation. Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Corrily’s suite of tools enables businesses to drive profitable growth, whether they are embarking on their monetization journey or seeking to optimize existing strategies.


Based in London, SaaStock – founded by Alex Theuma – hosts its flagship annual conference in Dublin, Ireland – the economic impact of which is over €16 million across the last seven years. Alongside the company’s latest annual conference addition with SaaStock USA, the company hosts numerous local meet-ups across nine cities around the globe, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, and Krakow. 


SaaStock in Dublin boasts an average:

  • 6000+ Attendees

  • 2500+ Companies

  • 600+ Investors

  • 130+ Speakers


On the event, Alex David comments:

 “SaaStock USA was an incredible experience, especially considering it was the first one. The event clearly showcased the team’s experience in managing the Dublin event – with great speakers, valuable sessions, well-organized networking, and relevant vendors. It’s hard to continue innovating and growing tech conferences, as they often become primarily a sales playground and the speakers quickly become more about drawing a crowd than being actually tactically useful. Nevertheless, SaaStock has managed to grow an excellent event while keeping it genuinely useful.”



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About Corrily

Corrily is a monetization growth engine that empowers companies to take control, iterate, and personalize their monetization strategies.
They offer a suite of tools that harness AI and machine learning algorithms to help drive profitable growth for companies seeking to get started on their monetization journey or to expand their monetization strategies by personalizing pricing and packaging configurations across different customer segments.
With Corrily, customers have witnessed remarkable results, experiencing MRR increases of up to 50% within just sixty days of implementation. Their platform’s ability to efficiently manage, version, and continuously monitor pricing ensuring that companies retain their customers effectively, is what sets them apart in the fintech SaaS space.


About SaaStock

SaaStock brings together the highest concentration of SaaS decision makers under one roof, making  it the world’s most impactful conference for SaaS founders on the journey to $10M+ ARR (and beyond).

With an overarching aim to facilitate deep, meaningful connections, we help SaaS founders and their teams grow their network, build valuable connections, secure investment and all while having fun doing it. Founders are able to learn from one another, transfer knowledge and share war stories, support each other and give feedback on their businesses – all in the name of creating a powerful and lasting impact.