SaaStock is built on compelling stories and the SaaStock19 Call for Content is now open. We want to ensure that each and every member of our SaaS community has the chance to share their story on the SaaStock stage.

This is your chance to join our tribe by submitting your speaker proposal. It’s your opportunity to join your peers and industry thought leaders to help shape the future of the SaaS community. It’s your platform to ensure your voice is heard by our captive audience of SaaS superstars.

At SaaStock, we pride ourselves on challenging industry opinions, sparking imaginations and taking risks – and we can only create compelling content through collaborating with you. That’s why we’ve released the official Speaker Submission Guidelines which outline everything you need to know about SaaStock19’s agenda and the Call for Content process in order to help you craft a successful proposal.

Individuals Matter

SaaStock19 is our flagship event, welcoming over 4,000 SaaS superstars to Dublin for three days of unbeatable knowledge and networking. Our agenda will feature 150+ speakers from the most impactful and innovative SaaS companies across the globe, with content carefully tailored to the needs of our audience across stages with distinct personalities.

We’re dedicated to showcasing the individuals who are pushing the industry boundaries – and we don’t just mean CEOs and Founders. SaaStock is committed to representing the best and brightest: the product and market experts, the revenue rockstars, the superheroes of sales and the investors who power the ecosystem.

As we do that, we want to make sure that the pool of voices is as diverse as the societies and ecosystems we represent. That is why in 2018 we launched our #TakingStock Inclusivity Pledge. Diversity and inclusion are core tenets of the SaaStock ethos, and we strive to ensure that the speaker and attendee roster are a reflection of society, a place where everyone’s voice is heard and where everyone’s opinion holds equal weight. We’ve pledged to bring more marginalized voices to center stage: inclusive of gender, age, ability, ethnicity, sexuality, and neurodiversity. Only by having those represented can you create truly healthy company cultures and globally successful products and services.

To those who represent the majority, we ask you to think carefully who you put forward and keep our commitment to equal representation in mind. To those who represent the minorities sets of the ecosystem, we ask you to put your hand up and dare to share the knowledge that is already within you. It will be an incredibly rewarding experience for you and everyone else who will listen to a whole new perspective. If in doubt, read this.

Join the SaaS Revolution

We’ve come a long way since 2016. We’ve grown from a 700-person conference to a global portfolio of events, spanning continents and timezones, consistently securing best-in-class speakers to deliver game-changing insights. We want you to join us.

Our speaker roster provides you with the unique opportunity to showcase your story, build your brand and cement your position as a key player in the global SaaS industry. Whether you’re sharing triumphs or failures, your story matters.