Building a global business starting from Europe1 min read

saastock panel building global businesses starting from Europe

On this week’s episode, we take you back to the SaaStock18 Scale stage for a panel discussion of what is arguably one of our favorite topics – how to build global businesses starting from Europe.

The panel brings together two SaaStock regulars – Martin Henk, Co-founder of Pipedrive and Christian Owens, Founder and CEO of Paddle who chat about their experiences starting up in Europe and then taking their businesses global. Interviewing them is Teddie Wardi, Managing Director, Insight Venture Partners. As you will hear, the two companies had a very different approach – Pipedrive opened international offices early on while Paddle kept a single base in Europe for quite a while.

Supporting entrepreneurs like them and seeing them grow successfully is one of the chief reasons we started SaaStock over 3 years ago. Every story of success makes everything we do that much more meaningful. Martin and Christian get into detail about many aspects of going global including:

  • Advice on the timing of when to go global
  • Strategies for deciding where to expand
  • What are the strengths of being a European company

To find your own path to success the way Pipedrive and Paddle have, join us at SaaStock19 this October in Dublin. Super early bird tickets are on sale now.

Both Christian and Martin have previously appeared on the podcast and we encourage you to listen to those episodes if you haven’t.

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