Brand-building, category creation and AMA with Anthony Kennada, CMO, Front2 min read

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We were delighted to welcome Anthony Kennada – CMO at Front and previously CMO at Gainsight – to an exclusive event for SaaStock members. Anthony was the first marketing lead at Gainsight, and played a critical part in creating the customer success category. During his time at Gainsight, the company grew from a few hundred thousand in ARR to nearly nine digits, opened offices in Phoenix and London, and created the Pulse brand. In October 2019, Anthony published his first book on the art and science of category creation, and in November 2019 he joined Front as CMO.

He shared his insights and experience about brand and category creation, drawing insights from Gainsight’s journey, before running an AMA where the community had the opportunity to speak with Anthony and ask all of their questions. 

In this one-hour session Anthony tackled the big questions like:

  • How do you measure brand? What are the leading indicators?
  • How do you decide who was the first persona to target at Front?
  • Do you think ‘customer success manager’ has become an over-used term?
  • What are your thoughts on corporate video for brand?
  • How do you balance brand and performance marketing in a SaaS business?
  • Which channels have worked best for generating MQLs and SQLs at Gainsight and Front?
  • What metrics do you track in product marketing?

Watch the full video below:


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