In this episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, our host Alex Theuma is joined by Joaquim Lecha, CEO at Typeform, to talk to us about being an operationally efficient SaaS company.

It’s not set and forget, it’s a bit about understand what is implied to go from here to there, and the team can keep track of that and see if they are getting where they want to get to. That even goes through the initial set up cost – for instance, sales, you need to start hiring, you need to have sales operations and sales enablement, all of that is set up cost. So all of that, I want to know, I am aware that we will be investing and during some times we cannot be efficient in that sense – in a strict sense – but there’s a number of things that need to happen. I want to know how long they take, and how do we know that we are getting well underway in that sense, so that we can see that we are well aligned longer term / mid term.

 Joaquim shares:

  • Typeform’s founding story and the company’s key data points
  • Lessons learnt from raising a $135M Series C
  • Debating operational efficiency with their VCs
  • Tips on becoming operationally efficient
  • The best advice he’s ever received
  • A sneak peek into his SaaStock 2022 topic 🤫

and more!

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