Becoming an Empowered Leader in a Virtual World, with Edith Harbaugh (LaunchDarkly) & Astasia Myers (Redpoint Ventures)1 min read

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Edith Harbaugh (CEO & Co-founder of LaunchDarkly) & Astasia Myers (Investor at Redpoint Ventures) are this week’s guests on The SaaS Revolution Show.

76% of tech founders are now supportive of distributed work – a huge uplift from 56% before the pandemic. The challenge? Remote work requires a different leadership style. Gone are the days where charisma by the watercooler is enough. What your team values most is organisation, clear goal-setting, & connection.

Last year, CEO of LaunchDarkly Edith Harbaugh embraced this new world of remote work – & has since hired 50+ employees who have never met physically. In conversation with startup enabler Astasia Myers, she shares how she adapted her leadership style & offers advice for keeping your team aligned, motivated and empowered.

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