This week Avi Meir, CEO and co-founder of Travelperk, is chatting to Alex Theuma on the SaaS Revolution Show, live from Slush 2019.

They discuss Travelperk’s journey to becoming the fastest-growing SaaS company in Europe. Avi shares his insights on building and scaling company culture, and how to maintain that as you scale into new regions. He offers practical advice about how to prepare your company to scale – both in terms of headcount and into new countries and regions.

Listen on to learn:

  • How his role as CEO has changed, and how his focus has shifted as the company has grown
  • Practical advice for founders on growing with their company
  • What processes Avi believe are most important for quickly scaling a SaaS business
  • How you can retain your company culture even as you rapidly grow headcount and expand into new regions or offices

Recommended reading

Avi recommended two books in this episode:

  • Good to Great – James C. Collins
  • Deep Work – Cal Newport