At times, it can be difficult to come up with novel ideas for promoting your SaaS in Q4 2023. After all, many of the tried-and-tested strategies still yield impressive results!

Despite the plethora of options available, there are some unconventional routes that have proven successful time and again. Here are a few unconventional promotional techniques worth considering for your product this quarter.

1. Share your SaaS on social media and in groups

For those individuals who need a quick, convenient way to share their content, consider utilizing social media and groups.

Social media is an excellent platform for promoting your SaaS; its channels make it simple to share content and announcements with customers or colleagues. You can target your audience here with ease – choosing the platforms that are most suitable for them!

If you use social media to promote your products and services, then consider creating custom hashtags for them. These could be used to group conversations around the topic of yours thus acting as a one-stop shop for visibility.

2. Host a live event

Rather than hosting a traditional webinar, you could consider hosting an event or seminar. These events can be extremely effective at educating prospective customers on your product as well as generating hype around your brand and product; it’s even possible to utilize them as an opportunity to attract new leads.

By organizing live events, you’re able to connect with audiences in person – which can provide valuable insights about their needs and wants. Additionally, these gatherings offer the unique opportunity for face time encounters that are not easily duplicated via digital communication platforms. When organising live events, pay attention to technical aspects, such as using a streaming server, to avoid disturbances.

3. Run a mini-survey to learn more about your clients

Creating a online surveys on your platform is one of the most effective ways to effectively gauge the needs of your clients. You can use this data to pinpoint the areas that need improvement and create more value for them.

For instance, if I wanted to optimize my digital marketing for Q4 2023, I could run a quick survey or assessment using a tool like Woorise and find out which channels are working best for my prospects – perhaps mobile apps are their preferred mode of contact. Or, you can simply create polls in Facebook to gather opinions from your audience.

In turn, these insights can be used to craft targeted content creation efforts and make sure they do not miss an opportunity to add value in any way possible.

4. Use SEO and content marketing to promote your brand

Beyond blogging, SEO and social media promotion, you can also leverage content marketing to advance your business and increase visibility. This tactic consists of compiling a wealth of informative and analytical articles on your distinctive offerings and making them available for free online.

By curating content that encapsulates the salient features of your SaaS product offering, you are providing potential users with all they need in order to make an informed decision about joining your arsenal! Writing in their local language can make it even more personal, so consider creating localized landing pages and using an IP geolocation API to direct only the relevant traffic.

5. Start talking to influencers

Influencers can be your most effective and efficient sales channels, especially when you are just getting started. Influencers, who have a loyal following of potential customers, are capable of generating new leads for your business; moreover, they can also help to publicize your product or service in the process.

These individuals boast an extraordinary level of influence within their niche. This could mean that they’re highly sought after by industry leaders and decision makers; therefore, they’re able to provide invaluable insight into what’s trending in today’s market and create rapport with potential clients. Finding the right influencer can be a complicated task. However, you can think about having a virtual assistant who will help you get the right contacts.

6. Develop a TV or media campaign

TV and media are an effective way to attract attention and engage potential prospects. With this type of campaign, you can target the right people based on their location or demographic profile and tailor your ad content specifically for them; this allows building a rapport before introducing your service to them.

To maximize results, it’s important to create an effective TV campaign that carefully tailors advertisements to each consumer segment. This requires careful selection of broadcast networks, cable channels and streaming services along with precise targeting selections in order to effectively reach the audience most likely to be interested in your solution.

7. Try viral content

Creating prolific, viral content can thrust you into the limelight like few other marketing strategies. Viral posts can earn your brand new customers and boost sales for your business.

There are countless platforms that offer users who share on social media an opportunity to win a free trial of your product or service. You don’t need to devote resources towards this process if you choose to utilize it! All you need is a simple script that will be posted on behalf of your app or company software before being shared across various social media channels, with each copy of the article affording users – along with their friends – another opportunity to win some complimentary time-off in exchange for completing a task.


To maximize your enterprise social media efforts for Q4 2023, it’s essential to adopt a strategy that is both effective and efficient. To ensure success, try out the various non-standard methods described above!