From the SaaStock 2022 Scale Stage: Nicolas & Alina Vandenberghe, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs at Chili Piper, tell us their 6 lessons learned from scaling the next tech unicorn with their spouse.

Being able to trust people around you, and operate with the best intention at all times, is a currency that now in 2022 is a lot more important than any other currency we have. 

Over the last several years, Alina and Nicolas Vandenberghe, have not only built a company poised to become a tech unicorn, they’ve built a family, and raised two children. Along the path to product market fit, then progressively larger market share, they’ve learned lessons about business and life as they’ve undergone personal and professional transformations. These lessons; on scaling marketing, product, on building a global company (Chili Piper has 280 employees across 50 countries), on helping those around them, on revamping personal and company-wide communication, and beyond, have provided a blueprint for other B2B founders to follow.

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