With New York known for so much already, SaaS is only one of its many glories. The city holds second place to Silicon Valley in the number of SaaS companies born and bred there and houses 5,61% of the worldwide SaaS pie.

We had a closer look at the local ecosystem and have gathered what we consider are the top companies founded and based in the Big Apple. You can check them out below — arranged by the funding stage at which they currently are.



Meet Claire: a chatbot that helps companies test consumer products via Facebook Messenger. It assists brands and retailers in finding out which are the top performing products before production. Claire also helps them with surveys, ad campaigns and analytics.
CEO: Misha Laskin
Founded: 2015
Funding to Date: $1.8M from Salesforce Ventures, Y Combinator, and others


Frame.ai provides enterprises with a collaborative intelligence platform for communication through messages. It is powered by human/AI collaboration, and uses business logic and machine learning engines.
CEO: George Davis
Founded: 2016
Funding to Date: $1.5M from FirstMark, and others


Hive is here to transform teamwork. It’s a quickly developing platform for collaboration that enables smart workflows for teams. Actions, messages and files are all handled within a single place. Hive is used by the likes of Starbucks, WeWork, and Pinterest.
CEO: John Furneaux
Founded: 2015
Funding to Date: $5.4M from Vocap Investment Partners, and others


Intello provides complete SaaS optimization. It enables brands to make better use of their SaaS data by giving them real-time visibility. Intello integrates with companies’ existing cloud software and browser, ensuring a smooth experience for its users.
CEO: Barak Kaufman
Founded: 2017
Funding to Date: $1.3M from Emerge, and others


Lately allows marketers to plan, execute, and analyze all their activities within a single dashboard — and in collaboration with their teams. It is a self-service SaaS platform for all-round marketing that streamlines processes and tools into a one-stop-shop playbook.
CEO: Kate Bradley Chernis
Founded: 2014
Funding to Date: $2.2M from Grand Central Tech, and others


Rebel enables companies and users to send interactive emails. It enhances customer profiles and allows buyers to make purchases straight from their mailboxes. With Rebel, businesses can dramatically increase their review submissions, as it allows easy in-email reviews.
CEO: Joe Teplow
Founded: 2013
Funding to Date: $3M from Boldstart Ventures, and others


Spotfront helps e-commerce businesses by providing them with an automated vendor marketing platform. With its functionalities, online retailers can optimize and make the best of their website. Spotfront also allows them to boost up the promotion of products in real time.
CEO: Alex Sherman
Founded: 2012
Funding to Date: $3.1M from Nauta Capital

Swift Shift

Swift Shift is a mobile, location-based SaaS marketplace that allows healthcare providers, and nurses and clinicians to connect better. It helps providers tackle issues such as understaffing and lower quality of care, while ensuring an improved work experience for medical staff.
CEO: Assaf Shalvi
Founded: 2014
Funding to Date: $5.7M from Bowery Capital, and others


Teampay is a reinvented corporate card produced by Team Labs. The purchasing software provides companies with virtual credit cards for businesses expenses made by their employees. Teampay allows real-time approval and tracking of employee spending.
CEO: Andrew Hoag
Founded: 2016
Funding to Date: $4M from Crosscut Ventures, and others

Early Stage Venture


ActionIQ aims to make the lives of marketers, analysts, and technologists easier. It is an enterprise customer data platform that provides data, analytics, and marketing integration. With these capabilities, ActionIQ allows businesses to create and launch their marketing campaigns faster and better.
CEO: Tasso Argyros
Founded: 2014
Funding to Date: $45M from Sequoia Capital, and others


Aetion is a healthcare technology that provides analytics and evidence for boosting value-based care. It has patented a rapid-cycle analytics technology that uses clinical and financial data to improve treatments and cost-efficiency.
CEO: Carolyn Magill
Founded: 2013
Funding to Date: $47.6M from New Enterprise Associates, and others


Alpha gives companies an insights platform which can inform their actions and strategies towards product development, market expansion, and customer engagement. Product teams can conduct experiments to gather user insights on-demand.
CEO: Thor Ernstsson
Founded: 2014
Funding to Date: $14.6M from Spider Capital Partners, and others


Bizzabo is an event technology that helps marketers with management and maximization of the results of company events. The platform enables in-person experiences, thus boosting networking efforts. Bizzabo is currently employed by thousands of event managers around the globe.
CEO: Eran Ben-Shushan
Founded: 2011
Funding to Date: $29.5M from Pilot Growth Equity, and others


Contently is a platform that allows enterprises to make the best of their content efforts. It provides them with a network of great creatives and a powerful technology. With Contently, brands can better manage their premium content workflows.
CEO: Joe Coleman
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $19.4M from Jackson Square Ventures, and others


Originally started in Paris, Dataiku is the go-to tool for data scientists. Its Data Science Studio is their best friend in conducting machine learning with raw data. Dataiku provides data scientists with a visual and interactive workspace that optimizes their workflows and is easily accessible.
CEO: Florian Douetteau
Founded: 2013
Funding to Date: $45.7M from Battery Ventures, and others


The goal behind Everwise is to build a learning culture in companies around the world. It provides a brand new methodology for talent development. Everwise aims to link professionals with the right contacts and resources, so that they can advance their careers. At the same time, it provides enterprises with an effective way to run their trainings.
CEO: Mike Bergelson
Founded: 2012
Funding to Date: $26.4M from Sequoia Capital, and others

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution is the trusted partner of Fortune 500 marketers. It provides a full-service platform for ROI management, optimization, and performance monitoring. Marketing Evolution can offer real-time suggestions to edit campaigns in order to reach maximum efficiency.
CEO: Rex Briggs
Founded: 2000
Funding to Date: $28.6M from Insight Venture Partners, and others

Movable Ink

Movable Ink is an intelligent content provider. It empowers companies to personalize content in the moment when users start interacting with it. More than 400 leading brands have used the power of Movable Ink, including eBay, Spotify, and The Wall Street Journal. It recently reached a $40M ARR milestone.
CEO: Vivek Sharma
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $9.3M from Intel Capital, and others


Pipedrive is a cutting-edge CRM platform for SMBs with great potential and an active outlook. The tool provides a powerful way for businesses to manage their sales. Started in Estonia, it has been used by more than 10,000 companies — in over 100 countries around the globe.
CEO: Timo Rein
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $31.2M from Bessemer Venture Partners, Atomico, and others


Pollfish is a powerful online survey platform. It enables users and companies alike to craft surveys that can reach their audiences efficiently — and receive actual answers from them. The distribution is conducted via embedding surveys in mobile apps. This brings tenfold increase in revenue in comparison with advertisement.
CEO: John Papadakis
Founded: 2013
Funding to Date: $17.1M from Odyssey Ventures, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and others


SeamlessDocs converts static and not mobile friendly PDF files into smart, fillable cloud documents. The platform helps governments and businesses alike in reducing the use of paper in their processes. In this way, SeamlessDocs helps them reduce administrative tasks and improve efficiency.
CEO: Jonathon Ende
Founded: 2011
Funding to Date: $16M from Motorola Solutions, and others


Splash is the cutting-edge event marketing platform of today. It allows event organizers to craft memorable event experiences. Splash helps businesses optimize their event spending, improve communication, and achieve higher ROI.
CEO: Ben Hindman
Founded: 2011
Funding to Date: $14.5M from Ascent Venture Partners, and others


Workframe solves workflow optimization problems of the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. It is a web-based platform that provides visibility and actionable insights that real estate professionals can use to improve efficiency and make savings.
CEO: Robert Moore
Founded: 2016
Funding to Date: $17.1M from Venrock, Newmark Knight Frank, and others

Late Stage Venture


BetterCloud brings better management and security policies for SaaS applications. It is a SaaS Operations Management platform with more than 2,500 customers currently. BetterCloud provides them with event monitoring and automated policy enforcement.
CEO: David Politis
Founded: 2011
Funding to Date: $106.9M from Bain Capital Ventures, and others


Braze offers brands a top customer engagement platform that allows communication via email, push, and in-product. The product is created with mobile-first in mind, and enables real-time and continuous data streaming. Braze currently has more than 1 billion active users.
CEO: Bill Magnuson
Founded: 2011
Funding to Date: $95.1M from Meritech Capital Partners, IQONIC Capital, Battery Ventures, and others


Datadog improves cloud-based workflows by complementing them with monitoring and analytics. Dev and Ops teams can better collaborate to resolve issues and boost the speed of development and deployment cycles. Datadog provides a unified view of the infrastructure that improves efficiency and visibility.
CEO: Olivier Pomel
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $147.9M from ICONIQ Capital, Index Ventures, and others

Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse Software assists businesses in improving and scaling their recruiting processes. It’s a recruiting optimization platform that provides a full recruiting performance improvement system with the help of automation and analytics.
CEO: Daniel Chait
Founded: 2012
Funding to Date: $60.1M from Thrive Capital, and others


Grovo is a renowned MicrolearningⓇ solution that provides a library and a flexible learning platform. People can easily find, craft and deliver Microlearning experiences on all types of devices. Grovo contributes to happier and better skilled labor force. Some of its current users are PepsiCo, Gap Inc., Magellan Health, and the National Basketball Association.
CEO: Steven Carpenter
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $73.3M from Accel, and others


InVisionApp has become synonymous with great product design. The platform is a world leader that helps product teams ace their collaboration and craft great products. InVisionApp allows prototyping, review, management and user testing. It’s being used by Fortune 100 companies.
CEO: Clark Valberg
Founded: 2011
Funding to Date: $235.2M from Battery Ventures, ICONIQ Capital, and others


The Justworks platform helps companies manage their payroll and payments, benefits, and compliance issues. It simplifies the hiring process, as well as the maintenance of employee payments and benefits. In this way, it allows people to focus on their real work rather than on administrative tasks.
CEO: Isaac Oates
Founded: 2012
Funding to Date: $93M from FirstMark, Redpoint, and others


Namely’s HR platform gained significant traction in recent years. It’s an all-in-one place that allows companies to manage their administration and compliance in fields like HR, payroll, and benefits. In this way, the software frees up HR teams’ time, so that they can focus on developing great employee experiences.
CEO: In the process of changing
Founded: 2012
Funding to Date: $157.8M from Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, and others


PeopleDoc is a cloud-based HR services platform that aims to simplify the work of HR departments across the globe. Its solution provides case management, processes automation, and employee file management. PeopleDoc can be integrated with current HR systems to accelerate implementation. It already has more than 500 customers in 165 countries.
CEO: Jonathan Benhamou
Founded: 2007
Funding to Date: $75.5M from Eurazeo, Accel Partners, and others

Return Path

Return Path is a world-class email marketing optimization tool. It works with the top email service providers to deliver marketers a more efficient way to handle their email efforts. Return Path helps them increase response rates and boost revenue.
CEO: Matt Blumberg
Founded: 1999
Funding to Date: $126.4M from Vista Equity Partners, and others


The goal of Rocketrip is to help companies save on travel costs. It gives incentives to employees to make savings on their business trips. The platform provides a custom budget, and if employees make savings within that, they receive half of them.
CEO: Daniel Ruch
Founded: 2013
Funding to Date: $32.2M from GV, Bessemer Venture Partners, and others


Sisense is a business analytics software that enables smoother data processes. It enables powerful analysis of big and even scattered datasets. Sisense is powered by its Elasticube™ technology and provides data analysts with an agile and simple way to do their job.
CEO: Amir Orad
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $94M from Bessemer Venture Partners, and others


Squarespace is one of the most renowned SaaS content management systems. It gives businesses and users the ability to create websites, blogs, online stores and portfolios quickly and easily. Squarespace provides domain registration, website building, and hosting service, among others.
CEO: Anthony Casalena
Founded: 2003
Funding to Date: $278.5M from General Atlantic, Accel, and others


UiPath provides a software platform based on robotic process automation that helps with business processes optimization. It aims to take away grunt work from people and assign it to software. UiPath products offer enterprise-grade security and can easily be integrated in existing workflows and solutions.
CEO: Daniel Dines
Founded: 2012
Funding to Date: $183M from Accel, Earlybird Venture Capital, and others


WorkFusion is an automation solution that empowers companies to digitize their business processes. It employs business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), workforce orchestration, and machine learning-powered cognitive automation. WorkFusion thus improves productivity and engagement.
CEO: Alex Lyashok
Founded: 2010
Funding to Date: $121.3M from Declaration Partners, and others



Yext is a provider of digital knowledge management — a new category of business services. It assists companies in handling the public facts available online via the Yext Knowledge Engine™. The results for businesses are improved interactions with customers, increased brand awareness, and ultimately — more sales.
CEO: Howard Lerman
Founded: 2006
Funding to Date: $117.8M from Insight Venture Partners, and others



Conductor is a leader in organic marketing. It provides a content intelligence platform called Conductor Searchlight. It helps businesses with customer intent insights, so that they can craft powerful content. Conductor aims to bring a better understanding of customers, so that communication with them is more efficient and impactful.
CEO: Seth Besmertnik
Founded: 2005
Funding to Date: $60.7M from Catalyst Investors, and others

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