Coke and Pepsi. Gates and Jobs. Marvel and DC. In terms of rivalries, the East Coast / West Coast dichotomy is up there with the greats. Whilst promising companies can spring up anywhere, it’s generally assumed that to scale successfully, a coastal presence is required. The siren call of Silicon Valley is undeniable, but with the incredibly rich SaaS scene now flourishing far beyond the traditional New York territory, it’s easy to see why much of the smart money is flowing East.

With a foot on both coasts, SaaStock doesn’t pick sides – we’ll be hitting the East Coast to celebrate with and learn from some of the best local firms, startups and companies next month. In advance of SaaStock East Coast, we’ve put together a rundown of some of the region’s top SaaS-focused VC firms, many of whom you’ll be able to rub shoulders with in June. This list comes on top of the 29 SaaS investors we featured last year.  We have expanded the geographical reach and have looked for funders who may not be as loud and globally well known.

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New York

The Patient Saints // General Atlantic

Established in 1980, New York based General Atlantic position themselves as patient, focused and long-term investors. They’re keen to promote their stable capital base, which is largely made up of entrepreneurial and philanthropic families, as the key that enables them to invest for the long term, and independent of fundraising cycles. The General Atlantic team themselves represents 7% of this capital base – always a strong indication of aligned interests! Another firm looking for disruptive global themes within the realms of tech and innovation, they are ready, willing and able to play the long game with the right opportunities.

Based: New York, NY
Size of fund: $3.3B
Notable SaaS investments: Clip, ManoMano, OpenDoor


The Devils For Detail // Contour Venture Partners

Managing six funds from their base in New York, Contour Venture Partners is an investor in Fintech, enterprise SaaS and digital media sectors. Their strategy centers around close alignment with management teams, with the intention of making the meeting of milestones both engaging and enjoyable. It’s this fine attention to detail on a human level, coupled with the necessary experience, intuition, and judgment that enables them to keep pushing for continued competitive advantage.

Based: New York, NY
Size of fund: $81M
Notable SaaS investments: Pendo, SmartAsset, BounceX


The Sector Specialists // StarVest Partners

With almost two decades of experience investing in their chosen sectors, StarVest Partners’ strong suites are technology-enabled, B2B services companies, with a sector focus on SaaS, Data & Analytics, E-Commerce Infrastructure, and Digital Marketing Services. While the firm earned its stripes investing at the expansion-stage, nowadays its portfolio is primarily growth equity/late stage.

Based: New York, NY
Size of fund: $390M
Notable SaaS investments: Ceros, Vyze, ConveyIQ


The Connectors // Lead Edge Capital

Lead Edge, which has backed companies such as Uber and Spotify, aims to give its portfolio a headstart on the competition by leveraging its network of Lead Partners, an impressive field made up of current and former Fortune 500 senior executives, proven entrepreneurs, and strategic advisors to large companies. With the intention of accelerating success in the most promising prospects, they ask a simple but tantalizing question: “who can we introduce you to?”

Based: New York, NY
Size of fund: $677.9M
Notable SaaS investments: Toast, Amplitude, Bird


The Game Changers // ff Venture Capital

ff Venture Capital are looking for problem solvers. Their company vision and culture embraces the risk of big, different, next-generation concepts, and actively seeks out those founders looking to create new technology, to build out new markets and challenge the status quo. Some of their investment themes include deep stack software, low-cost/high-value networks and platforms and ecosystems that enable newly possible interactions and relationships.

Based: New York, NY
Size of fund: $298.9M
Notable SaaS investments: Storyfit, Wade & Wendy, Dashbot


The Grafters // IA Ventures

IA Ventures are a firm with their sleeves rolled up; the three partners eschew the leveraging of junior staff in favor of doing their own work. In addition to a highly hands-on approach, this small firm shows a tendency towards Analytics, Fintech, and SaaS investments.

Based: New York, NY
Size of fund: $315M
Notable SaaS investments: DataRobot, Signifyd, Kepler Communications



The Funder Games // MassChallenge

MassChallenge uses a competition model to pick their startups, with two rounds of judging selecting those considered to show the highest potential to go through to their dedicated accelerator programs. Founded in response to the economic recession, this not-for-profit startup accelerator launched in 2010 with the goal of empowering entrepreneurs to maximize their impact through better resourcing. In the near decade that’s followed, MassChallenge has well and truly lived up to those aspirations, accelerating 1,975 startups which have collectively created well over 100,000 new jobs.

Based: Boston, MA
Size of fund: $25.8M
Notable SaaS investments: Werk, Markable, Relativity6


The Disruptors // North Bridge Venture Partners

Massachusetts-based North Bridge Venture Partners provide seed-to-growth stage funding for businesses across several sectors, including software, with an overarching focus on those looking to disrupt their markets. Support is provided to help take ideas over the line, becoming fully-fledged companies, and then to elevate those companies into market leaders. With a strong focus on enterprise software, their most recent investment was in their neighbors, the cloud-based file services platform, Nasuni.

Based: Wellesley, MA
Size of fund: $580M
Notable SaaS investments: Nasuni


The Veterans // Sigma Partners

With a foot on each coast, Sigma are well established within the venture capitalist industry, having been active and engaged players in the sector for over 25 years. With over $2 billion under management, Sigma’s reputation is based upon the extensive operational backgrounds of its partners, who leverage their experience as entrepreneurs and executives to counsel, advise and assist in the growth and scale of high potential companies.

Based: Boston, MA
Size of fund: $115.6M.
Notable SaaS investments: Sage Intact, DemandBase, WordStream


The Design Lovers // Spark Capital

Spark Capital invests in companies at all stages of life, but is best known as an early and growth stage venture capital firm which “takes risks on exceptional founders and the products they design.” With a demonstrable preference for slick commerce businesses that have a talent for delighting users through exceptional product design, in terms of their investment in SaaS, there’s a strong leaning towards companies with a similar focus on UX, such as Hello Alfred, Trello and InVision.

Based: Boston, MA
Size of fund: £2.5B
Notable SaaS investments: TravelPerk, Nylas, Outreach


The Mindset Masters // Converge Venture Partners

CVP are a seed and early-stage fund with their sights set firmly on the tech sector. There’s a sense of genuine ambition and excitement when it comes to their approach to promising new companies and concepts, with a mindset focused around continued learning, the world-changing potential of tech startups and an ongoing spirit of engagement.

Based: Cambridge, MA
Size of fund: $60M
Notable SaaS investments: Klipfolio, Linkable Networks, Crayon


The Risk Takers // Accomplice

Formerly known as Atlas Venture, Accomplice are a seed-led venture capital firm that doesn’t shy away from risk, investing in passionate entrepreneurs who truly believe in the potential of their cutting edge tech. They’re also pioneers of a community-led approach to investment, actively involved in platforms like Spearhead, BOSS, Rev, and TUGG, which support minorities and riskiest social enterprises.

Based: Cambridge, MA
Size of fund: $405M
Notable SaaS investments: Appcues, DataRobot, Rekener Inc.


New Hampshire

The Simplifiers // Alumni Venture Group

The parent organization for more than twenty venture capital funds, Alumni Venture Group (or more commonly, AVG) aims to provide smart and simple venture capital to those who’ve never owned it before. They lend their experience and knowledge to build out portfolios diversified by sector, stage and geography, offering improved access to traditionally harder to access venture deals. With 258 portfolio companies, Alumni Ventures Group was recently recognized by PitchBook as the most active venture capital firm in the world.

Based: Manchester, NH
Size of fund: $330K
Notable SaaS investments: Propel PLM, Domo, Tethr


The Alumni // Green D Ventures

One of the twenty venture capital funds owned by the aforementioned Alumni Venture Group, Green D Ventures is part of their Core fund division, and the only fund of its kind for Ivy League Dartmouth College alumni. Again, basing their unique value upon a simple, streamlined introduction to venture capital investment, Green D Ventures aims to foster a sense of ongoing community and spirit of generosity between its alumni investors, showcasing and celebrating collective entrepreneurial talent.

Based: Manchester, NH
Size of fund: $16M
Notable SaaS investments: Wootric, CloudApp, Conversica


The Full-Service Incubators // Wasabi Ventures

Founded in 2003 by two successful startup entrepreneurs and NY Times bestselling authors, Wasabi Ventures prides itself on its 360-degree approach to startup incubation. The program provides full lifecycle support including financing, co-founding, mentorship, and an experienced network to help founders build their startup from a seed of an idea, all the way through a profitable exit. The educational element of their program, the Wasabi Ventures Academy, has provided over 2000 international students with the course work and resources needed to become successful players on the startup stage.

Based: Manchester, NH
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments:, VII Network, SquareOne Mail


The Lifecycle Long Gamers // Harbour Light Capital Partners

Harbour Light Capital Partners are lifecycle investors and focus on investments in the $1M-5M range. Unlike institutional investment funds, they are not restricted to the standard holding periods of 3 to 5 years, which frees the firm up to offer guidance focused on long term growth and sustained success of the business that they assist, making them an appealing option for merging growth businesses seeking a long-term, value-adding partner to come along on the ride as they mature.

Based: Keene, NH
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: Draker, Senet


The Lone Wolf // Kyle York

Currently, Vice President of Business & Product Strategy at Oracle for the Dyn Global Business Unit, Kyle York has a strong history of involvement with company growth and corporate strategy, specifically within the global Internet, cloud, SaaS/IaaS, and technology markets. This experience is leveraged in his investments strategy which strongly favours seed stage companies within the “as-a-service” business model.

Based: Bedford, NH
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: Datanyze, Immediately



The Early Birds // LaunchCapital

Professing to be industry agnostic but with 20 SaaS businesses funded, LaunchCapital seek to get onboard with their portfolio clients from day one. They’ll typically invest in a company at the first or second round, but actively seek out businesses that are still at the “idea on paper” phase, and are committed to making a significant follow-on investment in promising seed-funded companies. Their Growth Fund supports seed investments but also supports those at later stages of development if the potential is perceived.

Based: New Haven, CT
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: Avanoo, Worklete, InvolveSoft


The Proud Empty Nesters // Connecticut Innovations

By their own admission, Connecticut Innovations want to see you gone! Whilst they show a strong track record in helping companies get strong strategic teams in place to bring products successfully to market, they state that their proudest moments come from seeing “thriving businesses leave our nest to take on the world.” Helping raise startups from seed to exit, they offer a full spectrum of support; capital, guidance and those all important connections to partners and untapped resources.

Based: Rocky Hill, CT
Size of fund: $4M
Notable SaaS investments: Tru Optik, Inbox Health, GoNation


The Storm Chasers // Activant Capital

When identifying prospects, Activant Capital seek “the perfect storm” – a large market restricted by creaking legacy platforms. Notoriously choosy when it comes to the small number of highly calculated investments that they make annually, commercial conditions need to be judged as perfect, as pressure builds within the industry and they are ready to move in to optimize, working closely with in-house teams to fine-tune all aspects of management and organization.

Based: Greenwich, CT
Size of fund: $207.3M
Notable SaaS investments: Celect, ShopKeep


The Networkers // The Cava Capital

The Cava Capital are all about relationships; looking to leverage an extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors to maximum effect. In many cases, these tried and tested contacts become the owner/operators of the opportunities in question. Whilst they have a tendency to work with entrepreneurs and founders who are already known to them, areas of investment interest include millennial and gen Z purchase behavior, digital natives and the interdependence of brand and tech working in harmony for long term success.

Based: Norwalk, CT
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: Qualia, Aventri, Zadspace


Rhode Island

The Middle Marketers // Providence Strategic Growth

Part of Providence, a premier asset management firm with over $40 billion in aggregate capital commitments, PSG targets investments in middle market software and technology-enabled service companies. With a strong history for SaaS and enterprise software investments, primarily in North America, they’re driven by the potential of digital transformation and its ongoing disruptive effects on the economy and traditional industries.

Based: Providence, RI
Size of fund: $1.9B
Notable SaaS investments: Impact Technologies, Conversica, Property Brands



The Niche Debtors // North Atlantic Capital

With over three decades of experience, North Atlantic Capital are a later stage firm offering fast-growing tech companies with revenue over $10M structured debt deals, described as being unique within the industry. Billing their strategy as “a niche between equity and venture debt,” they have a notable interest in enterprise b2b software and historical investments include Autotask and iContact.

Based: Portland, ME
Size of fund: $339M
Notable SaaS investments: Springbot, OnForce


The Landed Gentry // Camber Creek

Camber Creek are renowned for their real estate expertise, leveraging this to great advantage. Their investors own, operate and manage over 150 million square feet of real estate across the U.S.  providing singular value as an investor and value-added partner in the real estate technology space. In addition to real estate itself, enterprise software and SaaS feature heavily in their portfolio.

Based: Washington, DC
Size of fund: $30M
Notable SaaS investments: Mesurabl, Bowery Valuation, Latch


New Jersey

The Problem Solvers // Verizon Ventures

Verizon Ventures looks to pair highly promising entrepreneurial vision, with the ability to problem solve the biggest tech challenges facing Verizon’s consumer and enterprise customers today. With a vast network of resources to draw upon, over the past decade Verizon Ventures has placed its faith in more than forty portfolio companies, many, as you would expect, within software and mobile, with SaaS, Analytics and Enterprise Software also featuring highly.

Based: Basking Ridge, NJ
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: OmniSci, Optibus, CloudBees


The Coworkers // TigerLabs

Princeton’s first entrepreneurship center, TigerLabs seeks to provide a physical space in which fledgling startups can both co-work and seek early stage investment from in-house investment fund, Tiger Ventures. Supporting software companies across a broad spectrum of industries, such as digital health, internet of things and digital marketing.

Based: Princeton, NJ
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: OpsDataStore, CredSimple, PathGather



The Treasure Hunters // Birchmere Ventures

With five funds and two decades under their belts, Birchmere Ventures are certainly not lacking in experience but are also made notable by their open-minded approach to seeking out the most exciting potential investments. There’s a definite location-agnostic attitude to their approach, and with the belief that “the best engineers and scientists do not go to just a few schools on each coast” they enjoy the competitive advantage of being able to seek out and polish up hidden gems from across North America.

Based: Pittsburgh, PA
Size of fund: $75M
Notable SaaS investments: YayPay, Ikos, Lensabl


The Laser Focus // AlphaLab

Now entering its second decade of operation, based out of Pittsburgh, PA, AlphaLab is a startup accelerator operation with a beautifully simple strategy: seek, seed and scale. A charter member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) and one of the first ten accelerator programs worldwide, their investments span over 100 countries, of which around 10% have since been acquired. There’s a notable focus on high-growth startup companies, and as part of Innovation Works, an early-stage seed fund, their reach and experience is further extended.

Based: Pittsburgh, PA
Size of fund: No information available
Notable SaaS investments: C C Busy, Sparket, BlastPoint


North Carolina

The Human Touch // Frontier Capital

Frontier Capital sets out its stall using words that, if we’re brutally honest, aren’t usually high scoring keys for the VC industry; personality and soul. With a very strong focus on healthy company culture, they are built around the concept of “performance with humility” – appreciating the strengths that come with diversity of skillset, personality and background. In addition, the firm runs a private foundation funded by the partners of Frontier Capital for the purpose of supporting local non-profit organizations.

Based: Charlotte, NC
Size of fund: $1.3B
Notable SaaS investments: Clearwave, PriceSpider, ListenFirst


The Innovators // BLH Venture Partners

Understanding entrepreneurs and the path that startups typically tread in their first steps towards success is at the heart of BLH Venture Partners’ investment thesis. When scoping a new prospect capital-efficiency is highly regarded, but ultimately they’re on the lookout for forward-thinking experts who know their markets (primarily technology-enabled services, enterprise IT, consumer internet and e-commerce markets) inside out and are ready to hit the ground running with innovative, challenging ideas.

Based: Atlanta, GA
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments:, Haste, GroSolutions



The Canadian Crash Course // Founder Fuel

Billed as Canada’s Leading Venture Accelerator, Founder Fuel offers a three month intensive and immersive program to companies looking for transformative results. With 89 companies passing through the program since 2011, their success lies in a strong network of altruistic founders, investors, and executives ready to help the next generation on industry transformers rise up through the ranks.

Based: Montreal, Quebec
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: LocketGo, Wastack,


The Local Heroes // New Brunswick Innovation Foundation

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation keep things close to home, dedicated to bringing innovation, opportunities, and growth to their Canadian province. All investment returns are ploughed back into the foundation, enabling continued assistance to be given to new contenders, and ongoing stimulation of the local economy. In addition to venture capital, they also fund a significant amount of applied research to developing new intellectual property.

Based: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Size of fund: NA
Notable SaaS investments: Smartskin Technologies, Eyesover, Staash Energy


The Software Fans // Georgian Partners

Cut Georgian Partners and they bleed software. Founded in 2008 by a small group of experienced software entrepreneurs, the firm was created to harness a tech trend they perceived to have epic potential; applied analytics. In their own words “the intersection of data science, unique data and software applications,” applied analytics is now just one of the disruptive trends that they seek to support, also funding areas such as applied artificial intelligence and conversational AI.

Based: Toronto, Ontario
Size of fund: $1.1B
Notable SaaS investments: Tealium, Siemplify, Fiix Software

The Wise Guides // Build Ventures

Build Ventures specialise in helping emerging Atlantic Canadian tech companies start to ramp up within growing markets. There’s a strong focus on investments after seed rounds, as teams are starting to be built and meaningful products are starting to have an impact on wide-reaching problems. Years of operational experience in the field are supplemented with a strong track record in helping founders to build their companies for the future.

Based: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Size of fund: $105M
Notable SaaS investments: Affinio, Resson, radient360

We hope this list of impressive funders in the region will be helpful for you when you need your next injection of rocket fuel. You can meet some of them in person at SaaStock East Coast. Grab a ticket now with the special 30% discount for readers of the Learning Hub.