Australia and New Zealand may be far away from the U.S. and Europe geographically, but SaaS in Oceania is as interesting and is as flourishing. This is due both to the increased uptake of Saas in companies but also because some of the companies born in Oceania are raised as global contenders. We have all heard of Atlassian but as the following list clearly shows they are by far not the only ones.

These SaaS strengths is one of many reasons we are bringing SaaStock to Sydney together with a roster of fascinating speakers and companies. Join us on December 6th, 2018 and become part of the growing community.

Here are our 30 top picks of Oceania SaaS companies that you should definitely know about. They have us more excited to go down under than the Sydney sun in December.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor helps companies reinvest their email newsletters and reports. It’s a solution that allows marketers to send simple and elegant emails that are more likely to get opened by subscribers. It’s easy to get started with Campaign Monitor’s templates, which can be tailored according to the specific business needs. Campaign Monitor has been used by the likes of BuzzFeed, Disney, and Coca-Cola.

CEO: Wellford Dillard
Founded: 2004
Based in: San Francisco, U.S.
Funding to Date: $250M


Atlassian is one of the most successful Australian software companies, which is around for more than 16 years now. It crafts enterprise solutions that help improve productivity and communication, among which are JIRA, Confluence, HipChat, Bitbucket, and Stash. Atlassian’s products are being used by more than 40,000 customers across the world — spanning 134 countries.

CEO: Scott Farquhar
Founded: 2002
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $5.6M


MYOB is one of the oldest software companies from Australia. It was last acquired by Bain Capital. MYOB is a provider of business management solutions which target small and medium-sized companies. It crafts both products and services that help businesses with their accounting needs. MYOB also helps accountants improve their processes and boost productivity.

CEO: Tim Reed
Founded: 1991
Based in: Glen Waverley, Australia
Funding to Date: $13.3M

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI aims to make Business Intelligence accessible and easy for companies of all sizes. Its software enables businesses to handle data from relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes, and in-memory analytical databases. Yellowfin BI also offers an interactive and intuitive dashboard, as well as data visualizations. It’s among the best providers of mobile BI, collaborative BI and location intelligence.

CEO: Glen Rabie
Founded: 2003
Based in: Melbourne, Australia
Funding to Date: N/A


Vend is web-based point-of-sale and retail management software, which allows real-world retail store owners or managers to have full visibility and centralized control of one to many retail stores. Vend runs in the browser and supports full online and offline modes. Even though Vend is web-based it works offline, so users can keep making sales if the internet drops out.

CEO: Alexander Fala
Founded: 2009
Based in: Auckland, New Zeland
Funding to Date: $46.5M


Spinify’s goal is to motivate teams to chase business metrics which are of real importance. Its founder, the serial entrepreneur Matt Bullock, aims to offer companies methods for fast growth. Spinify provides team leaders with Leaderboards through which they can track, engage, and reward employees.

CEO: Matt Bullock
Founded: 2016
Based in: Canberra, Australia
Funding to Date: N/A


Xero has been in the business of reinventing online accounting for small companies for more than 12 years now. The suite allows businesses, accountants and bookkeepers to handle cash flow, invoices, and payments in the cloud. Xero also provides reporting options for getting a full overview of your finances. It already has more than 600,000 customers around the world.

CEO: Rod Drury
Founded: 2006
Based in: Wellington, New Zealand
Funding to Date: $381.4M


HealthEngine is the Australian platform for healthcare access. Its aim is to ease the process of booking a medical specialist through providing a smart online platform that can be used via mobile or desktop devices. Practitioners also benefit from HealthEngine, as they can improve their patients’ experience. More than a million Australians use the platform monthly.

CEO: Marcus Tan
Founded: 2006
Based in: Perth, Australia
Funding to Date: $27.8M

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an employee analytics platform whose goal is to improve company culture. It is targeted at enterprises where it’s difficult to match the fast business growth with developing the inside culture. Culture Amp provides staff surveys and analytics that boost learning by team members.

CEO: Didier Elzinga
Founded: 2011
Based in: Melbourne, Australia
Funding to Date: $76.3M


LawPath brings help in the complex world of legal requirements for companies. It’s an online legal platform that allows businesses to launch, register a trademark, and craft various documents. LawPath saves time and money, and companies can get in touch with the listed lawyers in the website’s marketplace. More than 50,000 Australian businesses have already benefited from the platform.

CEO: Dominic Woolrych
Founded: 2013
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $4.5M


Deputy is an employee management platform. The company is globally positioned, serving individuals and businesses from more than 70 countries. The tool provides scheduling, timesheet management, task handling, and team communication. Deputy helps companies streamline their operations and allow their teams to function more productively.

CEO: Ashik Ahmed
Founded: 2008
Based in: Surry Hills, Australia
Funding to Date: $25M

Data Republic

Data Republic is a multilateral secure data exchange platform. It simplifies the process of sharing customer data between companies in respect of data security and personal privacy. Data Republic is a Trust Platform that is specifically targeted at the financial services, insurance, and government sectors. It enables data collaboration across the globe.

CEO: Paul McCarney
Founded: 2014
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $18M

Employment Hero

Employment Hero has a heroic mission indeed: to make small companies and their teams enjoy a better workplace. The platform provides options for employee, payroll, benefits, and wellness management. It helps companies meet compliance standards as well. Employment Hero has been acclaimed as Australia’s best HR system in the cloud.

CEO: Ben Thompson
Founded: 2014
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $12.7M


AskNicely is a platform for customer feedback, delivered in real-time using Net Promoter Score (NPS). Its aim is to help brands get more word-of-mouth referrals by tracking the NPS score daily. It automates customer experience in order to deliver higher response rates. With the help of AskNicely, businesses can easily collect feedback and turn it into actionable steps.

CEO: Aaron Ward
Founded: 2014
Based in: Auckland, New Zealand
Funding to Date: $4.5M


Qwilr is a document preparation platform that allows businesses to craft better-looking sales and marketing communication tools. The documents integrate with popular work tools to make the whole process smooth and easy. Qwilr combines design and tech knowhow to help companies better represent themselves in front of clients.

CEO: Dylan Baskind
Founded: 2014
Based in: Redfern, Australia
Funding to Date: $1.6M


Localz is a SaaS-based logistics platform that caters to the realities of the Individual Economy (Iconomy) — the present-day consumer expectations about delivery and service providing. The solutions provided by Localz empower retailers and logistics companies to be better at meeting these expectations. Localz offers fulfillment tools for parcel logistics businesses, field service companies and pick-up options for retailers.

CEO: Tim Andrew
Founded: 2013
Based in: Melbourne, Australia
Funding to Date: $4.9M


Everproof is a background screening and verification platform that is creating greater trust and transparency in regulated industries. Unlike other screening services that perform these checks as a once-off, Everproof creates a continuous verified profile that can be utilised on an ongoing basis. This helps organisations monitor the compliance of their workforce beyond the point of entry and enables individuals to own their digital identity to streamline transactions moving forward.

CEO: Nathan Merzvinskis
Founded: 2015
Based in: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
Funding to Date: $1.3M

Timely Limited

Timely Limited makes business management for salons and spas a breeze. The platform helps beauty and well-being providers better handle their online bookings, reminders, point-of-sale, and gift vouchers, among others. Timely Limited also offers automatic time reporting, employee management, and financial reporting options for the all-round functioning of salons and spas.

CEO: Ryan Baker
Founded: 2011
Based in: Dunedin, New Zealand
Funding to Date: $5.6M


ActivePipe is a marketing automation SaaS platform targeted at the real estate and mortgage sectors. It provides lead nurturing and predictive analytics, so that businesses can provide live property listings matched to their customers’ preferences. ActivePipe helps real estate agents and mortgage originators better handle their email marketing and customer insights.

CEO: Ashley Farrugia
Founded: 2015
Based in: Melbourne, Australia
Funding to Date: $9.1M


AgriWebb innovates how livestock producers tackle time, management and cost drains. It is an online sales platform, as well as a management tool with real-time data. AgriWebb Auction is an online marketplace that revolutionizes the old-times stockyard auction through technology. It helps producers increase profits and improve their business processes.

CEO: Kevin Baum
Founded: 2013
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $4.2M


Elevio is a digital platform that helps businesses provide better user education and onboarding of customers. The tool ensures contextual support for users, so that they understand companies’ websites in an easier way. This is how they can better engage with it. Elevio drives higher numbers for brand websites’ sessions on page, time on site, and return users.

CEO: Chris Duell
Founded: 2015
Based in: Collingwood, Australia
Funding to Date: $809,776

Cognitive Software Group

Cognitive Software is a provider of semantic computing, coined as the “holy grail of software” by Bill Gates in March 2018. Its world-leading “cognitiveAI” platform allows computers to understand the context and meaning of data, together with processing it faster than ever. With the help of Cognitive Software Group’s SaaS platform on AWS, enterprises can semantically enrich data from numerous traditional sources, to provide deep insights into data that can’t be provided by traditional databases and current analytics software.

CEO: Mark Bradley
Founded: 2008
Based in: North Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $20M


Muzeek is a SaaS platform for booking live music acts. It streamlines and eases the process of organizing live performances. It’s of particular use for festivals, venues, bookers and agencies, as well as for artists and their promoters and managers. Muzeek helps both sides decrease costs and increase profit. It provides automatic calendar updates, interactive embeds, and easy way to make payments.

CEO: Danny Fiorentini
Founded: 2012
Based in: Bondi, Australia
Funding to Date: $500,000

Booking Boss

Booking Boss provides a booking and channel management solution for the tour and attraction industry. It helps service providers boost their bookings, as well as better handle scheduling and marketing distribution. Booking Boss was acquired by Helix Leisure.

CEO: Renee Welsh
Founded: 2012
Based in: North Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $2M


Triggr is a sales automation SaaS platform created for B2B sales teams. It automates sales prospecting through processing data that gives you insights about your ideal customers. Triggr also sends notifications about triggers that are seen as potential sales leads. Its smart algorithm gives recommendations about similar companies that a business can target.

CEO: Thomas Rielly
Founded: 2017
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $368,675


Coviu is a cloud-based video platform for medical consultations. It allows the development of telemedicine by providing a secure and affordable option to conducting virtual treatment. Coviu places at doctors’ and patients’ disposals all necessary consent forms, surveys, medical imaging, and standardized tests, as well as payment, and online booking tools.

CEO: Silvia Pfeiffer
Founded: 2015
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $1M


Agrimap is an app that helps farmers gain control of their business. It allows them to do fast recording of stock, task management, and planning. It also provides an interactive map of farms. The platform streamlines the essential processes that farmers have to master. Agrimap was acquired by FarmIQ Systems.

CEO: Andy Lowe
Founded: 2006
Based in: Auckland, New Zealand
Funding to Date: $1.1M

Muru Music

Muru Music offers its AI Music Brain™, platform that categorizes songs automatically according to genre — and with lightning speed. Genre specifications help people find music they like, as well as artists who want their work to be discovered. Muru Music makes this possible by powering personalized music experiences. It also allows companies to create branded music experiences for their customers.

CEO: Nicc Johnson
Founded: 2014
Based in: Sydney, Australia
Funding to Date: $400,000


EdSmart provides a School Organisation System (SOS) that helps educational institutions not only go paperless, but also handle their internal processes better. It enables schools to reduce the time and resources dedicated to administration, so that they can focus on the most important thing — education. EdSmart is used in eight countries around the globe, serving more than 400 schools.

CEO: Fiona Boyd
Founded: 2014
Based in: Melbourne, Australia
Funding to Date: $2M+


CycleLifeHQ is a digital marketplace that aims to improve bicycle tourism. The platform allows users to find and book bike trips and tours, as well as cycling vacations. Bicycle businesses can get their company listed on the website and thus get connected with clients. CycleLifeHQ also provides plenty of ideas for bicycle destinations.

CEO: Charles Black
Founded: 2016
Based in: Canberra, Australia
Funding to Date: $545,823


Celo provides a messaging platform for healthcare professionals that ensures complete security. It uses encrypted technology for handling real-time mobile and desktop messages, so that all privacy and regulatory requirements are met. With Celo, medical referrals get more efficient, and communication about patients can easily be included in the EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

CEO: Stephen Vlok
Founded: 2014
Based in: Auckland, New Zealand
Funding to Date: N/A

Amplify Intelligence

Amplify Intelligence uses AI and machine learning to make cyber defenders unbeatable. The cybersecurity SaaS company has built an intelligent platform that allows businesses to protect themselves from complex threats. The concept behind Amplify Intelligence is that AI can complement the efforts of companies’ cybersecurity staff by giving them the power of data.

CEO: Paul Byrne
Founded: 2017
Based in: Melbourne, Australia
Funding to Date: N/A


To meet some of these fabulous companies, learn from our experienced speakers and connect with others, join us on December 6th in Sydney.