When building out the program for SaaStock19, our annual flagship event, we’re looking to deliver a series of firsts: brand new ideas, big announcements, different ways of working, fresh investment prospects and of course, high-quality contacts. With that in mind, it’s always fantastic to have new partners signing up to join us for the very first time and help us deliver on our mission. The following rundown walks you through twenty companies that we’re thrilled to have onboard for their inaugural SaaStock experience in 2019.

They represent a fantastically diverse range of experience and expertise, all bringing something different to the table. If you’re joining us in Dublin, use this article to plan ahead, taking note of the partners you’ll want to ensure you meet with in person and check out the solutions they offer. Each brings a unique set of opportunities to our audience, and as ever, we’re incredibly excited to see the new connections, partnerships and collaborations that are born at SaaStock this October.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Learn more about: transitioning to a secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly infrastructure

A true household name within our industry, Hewlett Packard really need very little introduction. Hewlett Packard Enterprises, the unit known for pushing innovative new solutions, offer an incredibly broad range of services and products, from industry-leading positions in servers, storage, wired and wireless networking, converged systems, to software, services and cloud. To generalise about their increasingly broad offering, they’re all about acceleration, helping their customers achieve goals more quickly through smart tech solutions. Earlier this Spring, HPE announced an exciting partnership with Google Cloud, whereby the two industry giants will combine forces to offer hybrid cloud solutions optimized for containerized applications.


Learn more about: streamlining your legal digital transactions

You can’t buy trust, but you can use Signaturit, guaranteeing the legal security of all your digital transactions. This trust goes beyond European and US compliance. With a white-labelled experience available, your corporate image can be used across all communications, with a range of customizable emails and documentation templates. Additionally, they offer the opportunity to continually improve and optimize productivity through data analysis, and the option to integrate document handling directly into your custom workflow via access to their API.


Learn more about: erasing the headache of corporate travel

Another giant of the scene, Egencia are more or less synonymous with corporate travel management in the modern age. Catering for over 2 million business travellers, they’ve kept their leading-edge within the market through a combination of consistent innovation of their platform, and a strong focus on optimizing for convenience (happy end-users) and cost-efficiency (happy businesses.) Their offering is diverse but still specialised, as they provide solutions for global organisations such as Starbucks, Lacoste and Nasdaq, alongside the SMB market.

Coyo App

Learn more about: welcoming your team to a new digital home

With a tool, platform or solution clamouring to solve all of our SaaS business based needs, it’s easy for the digital noise we subject our teams to become overwhelming. Coyo exists to fulfil a kind of Swiss army knife function within your organisation; providing a range of communication and collaboration options by combining intranet, social collaboration and smart productivity. Billing itself as a “digital home” for your team, it’s a fantastic intranet option, offering a mobile-first mindset that means keeping up with the fast pace of our businesses’ internal workings is easy at any time and in any place.


Learn more about: the power of AI to guard against data decay

British-based Cognism are here to make finding solid B2B leads a cinch. With a global database of 400 million fresh business profiles, spanning 10 million companies, they move beyond simple data to leverage their own patented AI engine, Revenue AI. Machine learning guarantees that the data served up is relevant, or in many cases, even preemptive, for example, accurately pinpointing the kind of leads who are likely to move into decision-making positions or highlighting companies currently changing strategic direction.


Learn more about: bringing clarity to the chaos of modern global commerce

Global commerce is skyrocketing, and it can be a messy old market. Whether you’re getting into new international markets, looking to improve conversion rates or running a subscription-based business, there are a host of considerations from global tax compliance and risk management, to global payments and the complexities of subscription billing. All-in-one monetization platform, 2checkout, promises to simplify the world of modern commerce, maximizing revenues and makes global digital sales easier. With over a decade of experience, they offer a market-leading solution, freeing you to confidently focus on other elements of your business.


Learn more about: an easier way to design beautiful mailings

Standing for “Best Email Editor,” BEE are here to take the sting out of crafting sleek, mobile-responsive emails. With over 1 million happy customers, the free drag and drop software is available online and already embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications via the BEE plugin. Offering a very intuitive interface, the sole (and ambitious) focus of the business is to provide a product that truly lives up to its title of “best.” BEE are a member of the MailUp group. The major email provider, with 10,000 paying customers in over 50 countries, utilizes the plugin to serve up both emails and landing pages.


Learn more about: the power of distributed search (and teams!)

Having achieved IPO in 2018, Elastic are known as the masterminds behind an impressive and powerful stack; Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. To generalise about their varied offering, they leverage the power of search to help companies get a different and valuable view of their data. Adopting an open-source model, their company structure mirrors the nature of their search: distributed. In their own words; “why wouldn’t we want to emulate the strengths of the products we build?“

Conviction Investments

Learn more about: a less dilutive approach to investment

Calling all early-stage, SaaS-based disruptive tech startups! Global investment syndicate, Conviction Investments, will be in the house this October, and they’re looking forward to speaking with you. If you have unicorn ambitions, are looking to expand internationally, can show a revenue track record of $12M+ and can show demonstrable ability to become a local market category leader, you might want to bring a few business cards. CIP follows Just in Time (JIT) model, funding modest amounts annually. The result of this is lower levels of equity dilution for the founders and existing shareholders.


Learn more about: How to halve your support tickets

Create the best product or service in the world; to mitigate the risk of an endless stack of support tickets, you are still going to need best in class documentation. Document360 are here to help you create a truly stunning, user-friendly support centre. With a standout markdown editor making document creation a breeze, and powerful SEO capacity, their product is specifically designed with SaaS-based businesses in mind, and already boasts happy clients such as Consumer.io, monday.com and Stackify. Claiming that a great product knowledge base will reduce your support request by at least 50%, Document360 offer huge opportunity to free up your team and decrease the dreaded churn.

Promote Iceland

Learn more about: the potential of the Land of Fire and Ice

There’s more to Iceland than thermal springs, puffins and ethereal pop music (although whether anyone truly needs more than these bare essentials to lead a happy and fulfilled life is debatable.) Reykjavik’s startup scene is truly thriving, with an eclectic mix of established FinTech companies and ambitious, creative startups. Promote Iceland are joining us in Dublin to spread the word about the advantageous business environment, epic investment potential and their free service which helps guide companies through the regulatory framework and find successful investment opportunities in Iceland. All that, and puffins. We’ll be on the next flight.


Learn more about: the power of a truly integrated app ecosystem

It’s hard to start to summarise Zoho’s offering. With a suite of over 40 business and productivity apps, all geared towards streamlining and simplifying operations for your team, they really do cover most bases. The real key to their offering is integrated nature of the system, everything interconnecting and working holistically to keep teams fully aligned, informed and productive. Spanning sales and marketing through to finance, BI and analytics, Zoho also leverage the power of becoming a true ecosystem, incorporating a thriving marketplace of third party extensions, custom apps and industry solutions.


Learn more about: the value of lifelong loyalty

Stickiness is everything in SaaS. Competition is high, and to ensure retention, our standards of customer service need to be higher still. With that in mind, a solution such as Freshworks, a suite of customer engagement tools, promises to be a solid ROI. Facilitating everything from call centre operations to software support services, Freshworks live up to their name, taking a clean-cut, beautifully engineered approach to delighting your customers (and keeping your teams happy along the way.) Their software’s refreshing simplicity is often remarked upon. While “it just works” might not sound like the highest praise, set against the prevalence of over-complicated, unintuitive products in today’s market, this deceptively powerful and sleek solution is just what many companies crave.

SEM Rush

Learn more about: getting serious about online marketing

In today’s noisy online environment it can feel hard to get a word in edgeways. SEM Rush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that ensures businesses get measurable results from online marketing. Wildly popular, and for good reason, they assist over 4 million marketing professionals to gain deeper insight to build, manage, and measure campaigns across multiple marketing channels. Trusted by many giants of industry (eBay, Quora, booking.com and more), they offer a range of tools to assist across the full lifecycle of any SEO workflow. Offering 30 tools for search, content, social media and market research in the platform, data for more than 140 countries worldwide, slick integrations with Google and other task management platforms, it’s easy to see why they’re the first choice for so many.


Learn more about: removing the pain points from paid media

This year celebrating a decade in business, Finch offers AdWords campaign management for advertisers looking to grow revenues and optimize for profit within the world of SaaS. Offering e-commerce and lead generation solutions for their clients through profit-driven advertising, they’re here to help simplify the process of paid media, and actively help their customers’ businesses evolve. This strong focus on evolution and adaptability is reflected in their Darwinian name. With daily updates, actionable data, optimized execution and unprecedented scale, Finch are here to help you win in the ongoing survival of the fittest.

Predictable Revenue

Learn more about: the value of prospecting for best in class B2B sales strategy

Predictable. Revenue. Two words that represent music to the ears of most SaaS-based businesses. Promising to triple your growth rate with “$100 million best practices,” this outbound sales platform combines an online academy, coaching and even an Outbound Acceleration service (“Our team books the meetings, your team closes the deals”) to businesses looking to expand their horizons. With a very healthy track record of proven results and a client base that spans the full spectrum from startups to Uber, Oracle and SAP, if you’re looking to avoid the pitfalls that can beset the set up of a scalable outbound prospecting program, make a beeline for Predictable Revenue in Dublin this October.


Learn more about: a sleeker way to develop, test, deploy, and maintain applications

Bringing a little je ne sais quoi to the world of cloud hosting, French-founded (and now widely distributed) Platform.sh are here to help web applications scale effortlessly, serving the most demanding of traffic. Born out of their founders’ desire for a simpler way to develop and deploy code, their cloud infrastructure removes complexity, whilst retaining power and flexibility. Today the platform is used by more than 62,000 developers and thousands of companies around the world. As a polyglot, multi-cloud PaaS, with continuous deployment built in, no application re-architecture is required.


Learn more about: an end to end HR solution

Personio levels its offering – cloud-based HR management and recruiting solutions and software – squarely at startups, and small- and medium-sized enterprises. An Early Stage Venture, the organisation are already building up an impressive customer-based, with glowing praise coming from HelloFresh, Junqiue, Freeletics and many more. From managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting, their products run everything needed for a tight HR ship. Additionally, its recruiting function, which comprises applicant tracking, interview scheduling, candidate reviews, and many other features, means you can use the same tool to recruit, onboard manage and develop talent.


Learn more about: sidestepping tech pitfalls as you scale

Devtech are here to help bring a little clarity to the technical complexities that can plague any business as they look to scale and expand. Entering new markets and channels, modernizing applications or migrating business platforms and systems all pose a potential stumbling block in terms of smooth acceleration, but Devtech’s team are here to shine a light on the smoothest path to success. Offering customised, cloud-first solutions, they’re specialists in assisting independent software vendors, CSPs and telecom operators, and managed service providers. 

App Annie

Learn more about: getting a headstart on your competitor’s app

Billed as “the first and only platform to navigate the entire app lifecycle,” App Annie’s data platform offers the chance to integrate your own app’s data for comprehensive market analysis, leveraging cutting-edge data science, deep data foundation and engaging data experience. Nearing a decade in the business, the App Annie platform is a leading player within their field, utilised by over 90% of the top 100 publishers and more than 700,000 apps. If you’re looking to get better, deeper insight into your market position, and place yourself in the best possible stead to seize the next big opportunity, then taking some time out of your SaaStock schedule for a conversation here is crucial.

That concludes our round-up on the pioneering partners who’ll be joining us at SaaStock19 for the very first time. As Europe’s largest SaaS festival, we’re very excited to be counting them amongst the vast global community who’ll descend on Dublin in just a few short weeks. We are at 85% capacity but if you’re interested in joining their ranks, some limited availability for partners is still on the table. Just answer a few short questions to download and view our Partner Prospectus or get in touch: will@saastock.com.