One of the things we’re most excited about for this year’s SaaStock are the 120+ speakers hailing from all around the world, sharing their frameworks, lessons, tricks and feats with the audience. Whether you are in the traction, growth, or scale stage of your company development, we have you covered.

Here is a list of 18 more of our speakers we can’t wait to welcome. 

Cal Henderson, Co-founder & CTO, Slack

Cal Henderson has worked as a web applications developer for more than 15 years. As co-founder of Slack, he famously works 7 hours a day and still has time for family and exercise. He is a huge supporter of women programmers and tries to champion them as much as possible. Cal was the architect, lead developer, and inaugural member of Flickr at Yahoo. Cal is currently working on the second edition of his 2006 best-selling book “Building Scalable Websites”.

Talk: Massive scale, escape velocity: The secrets behind Slack’s success, a fireside chat with Philippe Botteri

Tae Hea Nahm, Co-founder & Managing Director, Storm Ventures

Tae Hea Nahm’s focus at Storm Ventures is mobile, AI and SaaS. His current portfolio of investments includes companies like AirPlug, Modo Labs, MobileIron, Sendoso, Talkdesk, and more. Tae was founding CEO of Airespace which was sold to Cisco for $450m.

Prior to joining SV, Tae Hea was a founding partner of Venture Law Group, a partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. Along with Bob Tinker he is co-author of the book “Survival to Thrival” which explores the journey of building an enterprise company.

Talk: Survival to thrival: The enterprise startup guide

Alex Kayyal, VP, Corporate Development & Partner, Salesforce Ventures

Alex Kayyal has more than a decade of experience in tech and finance and has been in the roles of both an investor and entrepreneur. Alex joined Salesforce in 2015 and established Salesforce Ventures in Europe. At Salesforce Ventures, Alex leads a $100M fund dedicated to backing European enterprise cloud startups. His specialities include corporate development, VC, growth equity, corporate strategy, business development, and more. Before he joined Salesforce Alex was part of establishing Hermes Growth Partners, a venture growth company that invested in FinTech and enterprise SaaS companies..

Talk: The evolution of SaaS funding in Europe with Joyce Liu, Megumi Ikeda, and Reshma Sohoni

David Darmanin, Founder & CEO, Hotjar

David Darmanin is an entrepreneur and conversion optimisation consultant with over 12 years experience in visual, e-marketing, and project management. During that time, he has run hundreds of tests for his clients across 19 languages, 12 currencies, 13 industries, and over 100 countries. He is the founder and CEO of Hotjar, a company that creates research and optimisation tools for web businesses.

Talk: The rocky bootstrapped road from $10 million to $20 million ARR

Peter Reinhardt, Co-founder & CEO, Segment

Peter Reinhardt is one of those people who always dreamed of going to space one day. He even studied math and aerospace engineering. However in his last year of college, he dropped out to start Segment with three college friends. He scaled the company to 130 team members in five years and learned several tough lessons in his founder’s journey. One of the main things he has learned are what are the things you can delegate and what are the things you cannot delegate as a CEO.

Talk: Startup finance for SaaS founders

Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB

Meagen has more than 19 years of experience in high-tech. During those years, she has had 8 successful exits in the role of an operator and advisor, including 2 IPOs and 6 M&As. She is a transformational leader, an advisor and marketer managing customer acquisition to adoption and advocacy. Apart from being CMO at MongoDB, Meagen also advises for several tech startups such as G2 Crowd, Sumo Logic, Women 2.0, Branch, and more.

Talk: The role of the CMO in the fourth industrial revolution: Tech, trends & transitions with Eileen O’Mara, Heather Zynczak, and Ryan Carlson

Jessica Weisz, COO, SoapBox

Jessica Weisz’s passion is to make workplaces more human, and helping managers and employees collaborate better. She has worked on anything from building multi-year strategies to improving front-line operations. As COO at SoapBox, Jessica is dedicated to helping leaders, managers and employees get sh*t done. Her biggest focus is to build a culture of healthy communication in anything from one-on-ones to team-meetings and company-wide conversations.

Talk: The biggest growth hack of the year: Eliminating time wasted in meetings

Rachael Delacour, VP, Zendesk for Startups

Rachel Delacour co-founded and developed BIME Analytics. Starting in a small city in Europe, she proved that geography doesn’t matter and hustled her way to reach a global audience. BIME was acquired by  Zendesk for $45M. She is currently VP for Startups at Zendesk. Rachael is also co-president at France Digitale, an association of startups and VCs lobbying for pro-startup legislation in France. She’s also involved as a startup program manager at Station F. Rachael’s further interests include women in tech She is also voyager #183 at

Panel Discussion with Alain Mevellec and Hanno Renner

Lidia Lüttin, VP of Marketing, Happeo

As VP of Marketing at Happeo, Lidia Lüttin is helping the company scale marketing and expand internationally. It’s not the first time she has done that. She did the exact same thing at Bynder where she built the marketing team from scratch, figured out how to look at ROI rather than vanity and helped the company pass $10M in ARR. Lidia is inspired by making the comms initiatives work and helping companies accelerate from within.

Talk: Seven marketing lessons learned from building two successful SaaS startups

Chris Hall, Founder & CEO, Bynder

Chris Hall has been building online businesses for over 20 years and has been programming for longer than he can remember. Both of these have developed in him a keen eye for interfaces and design details, as well as an understanding of developers. Chris started Label A in 2008, and Bynder, a marketing platform that helps brands to create, find and use digital content in 2013.

Talk: Building a global business starting from Europe: Lessons from scaling go-to-market across continents with Teddie Wardi

Judy Boniface-Chang, CMO & CCO, Mailjet

Judy Boniface-Chang is passionate about growing early-stage ventures through helping put together the right team, structures and processes that are necessary to scale the business. She has experience managing and consulting operations in the US, UK, France, Germany, China, and Sub-Saharan Africa. As CMO at Mailjet, Judy is involved with creating direct growth strategies for self-service customers and supporting the company’s international expansion efforts and operations. She also leads the overall branding, marketing, PR, and communications of the company.

Talk: ‘Stop. Collaborate and Listen’: What Ice Ice Baby knew 25+ years before the SaaS industry

Vivek Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, Movable Ink

Vivek Sharma wants to make email a more dynamic and relevant means of communication for both marketers and consumers. This lays at the heart of his company, Movable Ink, a provider of intelligent content that allows marketers to personalise email contents at the moment-of-open. Vivek has experience both in sales and product development roles, both of which he combines in his work at Movable Ink.

Talk: Ten lessons I learned growing past $40mm in ARR

Itay Rosenfeld, CEO, Voxbone

Itay Rosenfeld’s mission is to simplify communications. To achieve his goal, Itay brings close to 20 years of experience in telecommunications at companies like ECI Telecom, Tejas Networks, and Cisco Systems. At Voxbone, Itay uses his skills to drive the company’s growth and continuing success. Voxbone is all about simplifying communications too.

Panel Discussion with Jonathan Anguelov, Mike Kreaden, Peter Coppinger

Dan Steinman, General Manager, Gainsight EMEA

Dan Steinman is a recognized domain expert in customer success and support, and marketing-related software, in particular in the startup environment and SaaS. He’s built teams from scratch, and has experience in growing small private companies into public, ready-to-be-public and acquisition-ready companies. Dan’s passion in customer success goes back to his early days at IBM where he was a systems engineer. Before joining Gainsight, Dan was also one of the earliest employees at Epiphany, he co-founded NearbyNow, and was VP of customer success at Mozes and Marketo.

Someday, Dan would like to host a sports talk show, but for now, he’s settled for just being a fan.

Talk: Customer success starts at the top

Hande Cilingir, Co-Founder & CEO, Insider

After gaining experience working and living in the Middle East, UK, China, Asia Pacific and Russia, and seeing how businesses failed to convert visitors, Hande Cilingir co-founded Insider with several friends. As CEO, her role at Insider includes making sure operations run efficiently, helping create a strong company culture, managing overseas growth, and much more. Hande has been awarded the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Microsoft as well as by Junior Chambers International (JCI). She has been ranked by Crunchbase as one of the top three women CEOs outside of the US.

Talk: Building a global business from anywhere in the world with Krish Subramanian, and Mark Organ

Francis Brero, Co-founder, Madkudu

Francis Brero calls himself the NASCAR and T-Rex of SaaS. Francis is a data scientist who converted to Sales while leveraging his passion for numbers to drive growth. As co-founder of Madkudu he helps companies increase conversion rates, upsell and retain customers. Over the years advising companies about their marketing strategies and companies, Francis has worked with Slack, Shopify and IBM. He also worked as Director of Implementation and Sales Engineering at AgilOne.

Talk: The anatomy of freemium: When to engage with an account

Alison Morris, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Experience, Honey

Alison Morris co-founded the NY-based enterprise social platform Honey. Honey is a beautiful intranet solution that provides employees with a simple and centralised location for all the company information and resources they require. At Honey, Alison mixes customer support, user onboarding, and product management to ensure users are happy and content.

Talk: All the times customer success totally kicked my ass… and how I made it out alive.

Reshma Sohoni, Co-founding & Managing Partner, Seedcamp

Reshma is a seed investor in pan-European startups, and co-founded Seedcamp in 2007. Since then, she has continued being excited by finding and helping world changing startups. Her passion at Seedcamp is to help companies to overcome the difficulties of their early days and to become household names.

Reshma has degrees in both Engineering and Business, as well as experience in M&A, venture capital and commercial and marketing strategy. This has equipped her with a unique mix of tech, business, commercial drive, and marketing skills – all of which she brings to Seedcamp, along with the American chutzpah.

Talk: The evolution of SaaS funding in Europe with Joyce Liu, Megumi Ikeda, and Alex Kayyal