As we pack our bags and gear up for next week’s SaaStock LatAm (our first conference on the continent), we wanted to tell you about ten attendees you should take time to meet. They are part of an exceptional group of SaaS founders, executives and investors that we are bringing together. While listening to the fantastic content we have in store for you is pivotal, the networking and conversations in between are just as important. 


Diogo Lupinari, Co-founder and CEO, Wevo

Diogo is an entrepreneur in love with technology and the humans who create it. His company, WEVO, is a SaaS integration platform that connects APIs, Systems, and Data from VTEX, Magento, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Totvs, Linx, and other applications and has customers in 10 countries. A graduate in computer engineering from Escola de Engenharia Mauá, Diogo has over 10 years experience in the implementation of ERP, CRM and e-commerce systems projects. You can chat to him about all things integrations.


Marcelo Navarini, CFO & COO, Bling

Marcelo’s role is to help accelerate the growth of Bling and support teams in building a great experience for customers. Bling is an online management system whose mission is to facilitate the daily life of micro and small entrepreneurs. The platform helps entrepreneurs manage their business better through a platform for complete management and integration of offline and online operations. Previously to Bling, Marcello developed the SaaS lending initiatives at A55, a growth debt lender to technology entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has also spent time on the VC side of things, working at CRP Participações. You can chat with Marcelo about challenges and opportunities in terms of market trends, products, and technologies.


Nara Vaz Guimaraes, Founder, Plural Sales

As the founder of Plural Sales, Nara helps companies improve their results with channel partner strategy. Her objective is to help other technology companies with the challenge of structuring and optimizing channel programs with the Plural Sales services and education programs. She built and ran a reseller sales channel at Resultados Digitais. In her bag she caries experience from having done marketing consultancy, customer success, account management, and sales. Nara is a SaaS enthusiast in Brazil and tries to contribute to the community as a mentor at a Seed fund. If you are an upstart or beyond, be sure to grab a coffee with her and chat about sales and channel partners. 


José Estan, Head of Sales & Partner, idwall

José leads the sales team at idwall, a solution that provides SMBs and enterprise businesses with a scalable and secure identity verification tailored for the onboarding process of new customers. He is interested in meeting fellow B2B sales executives to chat about the Brazilian Startup ecosystem or and the wine scene.


Felipe Lourenço, Founder and CEO, iClinic

Digital health specialist, Felipe Lourenço is the founder and CEO of iClinic, a leading SaaS platform for healthcare practice management in LatAm, with more than sixteen thousand customers spread around the world. While you can obviously talk to him about Digital Health, be sure to include go-to-market strategies and metrics. We also hear, he is looking for angel investment opportunities in SaaS companies so if you are a young upstart just getting off the ground, Felipe may offer some rocket fuel.


Bruno Ghisi, Co-founder & Head of Engineering, Resultados Digitais

Bruno is the Co-founder & Head of Engineering of Resultados Digitais. Currently runs a team of 100+ devs working in multiple products and different regions. He has an MSc in Computer Science and is an Endeavor Entrepreneur. You can chat to him about leadership, development processes, and product management. However, if you are feeling too shy to approach him, Bruno will be offering some mentoring at the RD booth throughout the day, alongside 7 of his colleagues.


Mauricio Cacciavillani, CEO,

Mauricio runs, a demand generation company for the Software industry which is a 100% focused on the Spanish speaking market. If you are looking to expand your sales in the LatAm region and Spain, ComparaSoftware can help you do that via their Lead Generation Program which works under a revenue model of pay per lead. We hear they are offering a special deal for attendees so alongside chatting to him about sales and SEO, you might want to ask about that too.


Luiza Drubscky, Marketing Manager, Rock Content

As a Marketing Manager at Rock Content, Luiza is responsible for B2C strategies. Her mission at Rock Content is to increase the number of students enrolled at the Rock Content University, the company’s hub of online marketing courses, and to attract freelance content producers to work on Rock Content’s Platform. With 5 years of experience in digital and content marketing, she was the first woman to lead a full training certificate at Rock University, the Web Content Production, which has more than 50,000 students all over Brazil. You can chat to her about project management, SaaS tactics, and ways to enable efficiency in B2C acquisition.


Vítor Andrade, Managing Director, iDEXO

Vitor has spent the past 12+ years supporting the creation & growth of innovative startups in Brazil by leading national public and private startup engagement initiatives. Former COO at Start-Up Brasil and Head of Oracle Startup Ecosystem, Vitor is not the Managing Director at iDEXO, generating tangible businesses between growth stage startups and the TOTVS ecosystem, the largest IT company in Latin America. If you want to take your startup to more than 30k customers in 40 countries with TOTVS, just grab him for a chat.


Luciana Kochen, Project Manager, Endeavor

A São Paulo native, Luciana studied Business Administration, and Business Management focused on Marketing. She is now part of the Endeavor Brazil team, a nonprofit organization that is pioneering the concept of high-impact entrepreneurship in growth markets around the world. Their mission is to select, mentor and accelerate the best High-Impact Entrepreneurs around the world. Luciana’s specific job is to support entrepreneurs by helping them continue scaling fast through Endevour’s network, programs, partnerships, and events. Since her portfolio is made up of B2B tech companies, you can ask her a variety of questions about growing your SaaS company

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