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Join Europe’s top B2B SaaS Sales & Revenue Leaders at SaaStock

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Your Rockstar Speakers

Des Traynor
Co-Founder & CSO
Co-founder & CSO
Daria Danilina
Co-founder & CCO
Teja Edara
VP Sales & Partnerships
Mark Ackers
Co-founder & Head of Sales
Asia Orangio
Founder & CEO

Topics Including

Leading and Selling Through the Tough Times

The secret playbook for the ultimate revenue acceleration

Batting above your average to win big customers

Why attend?

SaaStock is the world’s most impactful SaaS festival, bringing together the highest concentration of SaaS decision makers.

From start to finish, SaaStock is built to facilitate human connections.

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”SaaStock is the best SaaS conference ever! We generated 300+ MQL and signed up +250 SaaS professionals during the exhibition”

SaaS.City is a closed-group, one day accelerator for SaaS enthusiasts, comprising of a series of focused workshops structured to facilitate learning and networking. Join a deep-dive bootcamp (made up of 3x 60-minute interactive workshops led by SaaS leaders and experts) on the most pressing SaaS themes in today’s climate.

Sales Excellence

Every sales professional wants to make it to the top. Even amidst tighter spending throughout the market, longer sales cycles and changes in decision making processes, it’s those who are resilient and keep innovating will be the ones closing deals, generating revenue and climbing the ladder.

Growth & Scaling Up

If there was a single roadmap for successfully scaling any SaaS company, it would be followed step-by-step by one and all. Instead, achieving sustainable growth is more about resolving business bottlenecks, great decision making and ultimately decorrelating the increase in revenue from the increase in costs.

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CRO/Sales Leaders Lunch

Date: Tues Oct 17th @ 12:30pm

Attention CROs and sales leaders! Don’t miss out on a power-packed SaaS lunch where you’ll engage in strategic discussions, share best practices and forge meaningful connections with other sales trailblazers. Reserve your seat not to join this dynamic gathering and gain valuable insights that will accelerate your sales success within the competitive SaaS landscape.

Join Europe’s top B2B SaaS Sales & Revenue Leaders at SaaStock

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Use code CRO100
Save up to €999