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Join Europe’s top B2B SaaS Marketers at SaaStock

Experience the magic of SaaStock 2023

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Your Rockstar Speakers

April Dunford
Founder & CEO
Meghan Keany Anderson
VP of Marketing
David Kellogg Former
CMO & Partner
Alison Murdock
Founder & Chief Marketer
Tim Soulo
Asia Orangio

Topics Including

What the top SaaS companies are doing to reduce CAC and drive efficient growth

How To Develop a Brand Strategy for Your SaaS Company

How to Effectively Market on Little to No Budget

Leveraging AI for Content creation (text, audio, visual)

Why attend?

SaaStock is the world’s most impactful SaaS festival, bringing together the highest concentration of SaaS decision makers.

From start to finish, SaaStock is built to facilitate human connections.

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We had 20+ Investor meetings over two days thanks to the program and ended up meeting our eventual Seed Investor!

SaaS.City is a closed-group, one day accelerator for SaaS enthusiasts, comprising of a series of focused workshops structured to facilitate learning and networking. Join a deep-dive bootcamp (made up of 3x 60-minute interactive workshops led by SaaS leaders and experts) on the most pressing SaaS themes in today’s climate.

Growth Marketing

Most SaaS companies operate within a saturated market. So if it isn’t your product that drastically sets you apart, it’s almost certainly the story you’re telling and how you’re reaching and communicating with new and existing customers. Growth will always be the end goal and despite the endless quick wins on offer to get you there, it’s all about building for the long term.

Curated and delivered by top SaaS marketers, this bootcamp deep dives into the most important plays to make for your customer persona.

Generative AI

Welcome to the Age of AI. We’re at the beginning of the biggest transformational shift in software since the internet. Since ChatGPT reached 1 million users in 5 days, the impact and implementation of AI in the SaaS world has skyrocketed. From content creation, shortening sales cycles and improving customer support, it seems like the efficiency gains on offer are endless.

This bootcamp showcases some of the most powerful ways AI could transform your company’s future.

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SaaS CMO Breakfast

Date: Weds 18th October @8am

Rise & shine to an invigorating breakfast where you’ll connect with like-minded marketing leaders, exchange innovative strategies and fuel your SaaS growth.

Secure your spot today to be part of this invaluable networking event designed exclusively for ambitious CMOs looking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of SaaS.

Join Europe’s top B2B SaaS Marketers at SaaStock

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Use code CMO100
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