We've worked closely with SaaS leaders to identify the challenges and opportunities that matter to growth stage SaaS businesses. You'll see these echoed thorughout the agenda.

North America Conference Themes

The Struggle


The growth stage is the awkward teenage years of SaaS. You’re starting to form the basis of who you’re going to be. You’re falling in love with your customers, your team, your strategy - but there are oh-so-many painful lessons on the horizon. Getting to grips with the internal mechanics of running a company is an ongoing process. We’re here to guide you through the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of growing your business. From people to product, customer to category, we're with you every step of the way.  

Hiring & Culture


Ensuring your customer feels heard and valued is one of the cornerstones of commercial success. We decode the tried-and-tested models that growth stage SaaS businesses can leverage to realign their strategies and place the customer front and center. From marketing and sales alignment to customer success metrics, we explore how to keep the customer at the heart of everything you do, and why customer centricity is the single biggest predictor of your business' longevity. 


Funding & Investment

The tide has turned from investors - current or potential - simply accepting your vanity metrics. Savvy CEOs need to know which metrics matter and how to communicate them. From how to raise and who to raise from, we explore the strategies available to your business; breaking down the types of capital you can receive, and interrogating the make up your board. We equip you for exit (it’s never too early to plan), and break down which revenue models make sense for your employees. 


Product led growth

What happens after product-market fit? How do I create product led growth? These are the critical questions for growth stage SaaS businesses. We move beyond the basics of product development to identify what happens when you lose your product-market fit, how to build virality into your product and how to leverage data to spur your growth engine and refine your product roadmap.



Finding the optimal price point for your software and services, reaching the right customers, and differentiating yourself in the market are unique challenges for growth stage businesses. We will explore strategies to tap into the right markets with the right price point to reach and retain your ideal customers. We’ll share how to target new market segments, and experiment with pricing models that will make a real difference to the bottom line.


measure what matters

We examine the math behind your go to market, understanding where your unit economics can provide critical insight to shape your entire strategy. We explore how to define your key success metrics and how to communicate them to internal and external stakeholders. You’ll gain an understanding of how to accurately predict and measure your recurring revenue, and the elevers you need to do something to to drive incremental revenue, grow your revenue. 

Marketing & Growth

the struggle

Nothing worth having comes easy. The Struggle is dedicated to the painful lessons learned by founders at the vanguard of SaaS. Money lost, difficult decisions and mistakes made. We’ll explore how entrepreneurs can manage their mental health, finances, teams and co-founders, and hear war stories on the human side of running a SaaS business



How can growth stage SaaS businesses build an internal moat? The key lies in the company. We examine strategies for managing growth, from how to structure the business, how to make critical hires and get them right, to the difficult task of letting go of the people who no longer serve you. From vision and values to the everyday business of running a company, we dig deep into the processes successful businesses put in place and how you can replicate this in your organisation. With a focus on mental health in the workplace and how to craft a culture that works for everyone, irrespective of orientation, nationality, ability or identity.



Moving up market is hot on the heels of a successful growth strategy and often is one of the key levers for increasing ARR. It can be tempting to go after these shiny enterprise accounts, but moving up market is nothing if not a balancing act. We’ll walk you through successful strategies for expanding your total addressable market with sharp focus on which customers to target and how to land key accounts without losing your loyal customers. We’ll explore what landing and expanding looks like across borders and the regulatory concerns of which to be mindful when exploring new territories.


future proofing

Total SaaS investment has continued to rise in 2020. We may think it's never been easier to be a SaaS business, but that’s not the case - mega-rounds are inflating the metrics. Without these rounds, a different picture comes into focus, one which underscores the difficulty of growing a SaaS business past 10m ARR. We map the SaaS landscape from capital to technology to help you understand where your business should be focussed for 2020 and beyond.