SaaStock EMEA Online is the most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We’re building our agenda in collaboration with SaaS leaders from the region, to tackle the hottest topics in SaaS right now. 

We’ve hand-picked some of the hottest sessions for SaaS founders and leaders looking for intensive knowledge and actionable insights. Check out these can’t-miss sessions, and book your tickets now to join us on 12-15 October.

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Accel 2020 Euroscape: Decacorn Unleashed – Philippe Botteri & Varun Purandare, Accel

2020 has been a challenging year. But amidst the various trials, widespread digital transformation has sparked several triumphs in SaaS. Now we’re ten months in, the questions on everyone’s lips are what’s just happened and what’s coming next? In this keynote, you’ll find out: 

  • The biggest trends in SaaS right now
  • COVID’s impacts on the ecosystem
  • The region’s top 100 cloud companies

Win Hearts & Minds: How to Master “Mind-Market Share” in a Virtual World – Andy Culligan, Leadfeeder

Before March, field and event marketing were hugely popular methods for enterprise SaaS companies to build brand awareness and generate pipeline. Since then, the world has moved online, and we’ve witnessed a huge upsurge in digital and content marketing. In this panel discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Which channels have proven to be most effective: webinars, podcasting or omnichannel marketing?
  • How to move away from a ‘top-of-the-funnel’ focus and provide a more holistic customer experience
  • Steps to personalise the customer journey: using smarter automation and behavioural data

Find Funding: Raise Your Next Round from Home (in your sweatpants!) – Michael Szalontay, Flashpoint VC

Earlier in the year, it seemed like VCs were more cautious to invest. Now the funding environment in Europe has improved dramatically. But while the market is still active, face-to-face meetings are near-impossible. In this panel discussion, you’ll learn: 

  • How to tell your story to VCs virtually – whether by email, audio, video or VR
  • Steps to identify the right investor(s) online, and the criteria you should be looking for 
  • Top tips for capitalising on changes in investment criteria & where the biggest opportunities lie for founders right now

Your Sales Playbook for 2020: Stay Agile & Aligned – Ollie Sharpe, SalesLoft

When the world moved online, we witnessed cosmic shifts in sales strategies and buyer behaviour. For one, the work-from-home movement triggered unprecedented cultural changes – altering the nature of deal making and the internal structure of sales teams. In this panel discussion, you’ll learn: 

  • How to close large deals virtually, whether by email, audio or video 
  • How to build a winning sales playbook for 2020, including best practices for maintaining consistency in your messaging, goals and processes
  • The value of educating buyers first – what smarketing alignment and data can teach you about your customer(s)

Certainty Amidst Uncertainty: The Subscription Model’s Resilience in the “Next” Normal – Tien Tzuo, Zuora

2020 has taught us that no-one can predict a sudden change in the economic climate. It can happen anywhere, affect any business and occur at any time. But, amidst global market fluctuations, digital transformation has sparked incredible growth for “as-a-service” models. In this fireside chat, we’ll share:

  • Proven strategies to retain customers and scale new offerings, based off the latest findings from the Subscription Economy Index
  • Reflections on the past 6 months
  • A forecast of the opportunities that lie ahead for SaaS leaders

Unlocking Sustainable Growth: Understanding and Amplifying the Core Value of Your SaaS Solution – Sean Ellis,

The time for ‘growth at all costs’ is gone. Now it’s all about growing sustainably. But growth isn’t just a marketing initiative or sales strategy. Now more than ever it requires whole-company buy-in – starting with delivering value for your customers. In this keynote you’ll learn:

  • Why customer value is essential for sustainable growth
  • How to use data to accelerate time-to-value
  • How to align your whole company around sustainable growth

Paving New (Ui)Paths: The Story Behind Europe’s First Decacorn – Daniel Dines, UI-Path

In spite of global market concerns, this year has seen strong prospects for SaaS stocks. This is no better reflected than in the meteoric rise of Europe’s first decacorn: UiPath. UiPath’s win reflects the innovation of the European ecosystem and the benefits of being global from the get-go. But, what does it take to scale from $0 – $400+ ARR? In this fireside chat you’ll learn:

  • The secrets behind UiPath’s growth from small startup, to unicorn, to decacorn
  • How to enter hyperscale mode and dominate your category
  • And how to find global product-market fit

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