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Nathan Latka

Founder & CEO, Founderpath

Nathan Latka was 19 when he hit $1m in ARR at his first SaaS company (Heyo.com). Shortly after, VC’s made an offer to buy 20% of his company for $2m ($10m valuation). Latka accepted …. and then reality hit.

His company got an acquisition offer for $6.5m which his new VC’s blocked. He quickly learned: Selling equity to VC’s reduces your options. Why does everyone celebrate raising VC?

Eventually, he exited the company in 2015 and launched a podcast (google Latka Podcast) which features a new SaaS CEO every day. He has interviewed 3,584 of the worlds top SaaS founders over the last 5 years.

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Chris Walker

CEO, Refine Labs

Chris Walker leads a powerful team that is challenging the current reality of B2B “Marketing” and “Sales”. This traditional organizational structure, division of responsibilities, and process for budgeting/planning is failing B2B companies. They are designing and building a new future for how B2B companies and Revenue Teams operate, including a new category of Revenue Professionals called Revenue R&D.

Chris also hosts the Revenue Vitals podcast which mixes live Q&As and chats with today’s top B2B leaders to share tangible advice and tactics.


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Meghan Keaney Anderson

VP Marketing, Jasper

Meghan Keaney Anderson is a marketing executive with twenty years of experience at the intersection of digital marketing, brand development, creative leadership, and product marketing. Her career spans nonprofits, startups and global publicly traded companies.

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Noah Kagan

Co-founder & Chief Sumo, AppSumo

Before founding AppSumo, Noah worked a soul-crushing day job. Not loving his cubicle at Intel, he became employee #30 at Facebook and then #4 at Mint.com. But the work still didn’t excite him. He wanted more—so he did something he’d always wanted to do. He started his own business.

It failed. Then he tried it again a few times (more like six). And still, not all of his ventures worked out. He knew he needed better tools, more knowledge, and more community. With that, he saw a new problem that he wanted to solve.

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Godard Abel

Co-founder & CEO, G2

Godard Abel is CEO of G2.com, Inc, the leading business software review website and marketplace, which he co-founded in 2012. G2 has over 400 global employees and has raised $257M in capital and recently became a unicorn with a $1.1B valuation. Previously Godard served as CEO of SteelBrick which was acquired by Salesforce in 2016 where he subsequently served as SVP/GM of the SteelBrick business unit until May 2017 when he left to refocus on entrepreneurial adventures.

Godard previously co-founded and as CEO built BigMachines into a leading software-as-a-service provider which was acquired by Oracle in 2013. Before entering the technology industry, Godard consulted for McKinsey & Company and advised leading manufacturers in the U.S. and Germany on strategy development and business process improvement.

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Scott Ernst


Stevie Case


Jason Cohen

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer|WP Engine

Dave Kellogg

Principal|Dave Kellogg Consulting

Kevin Dorsey

SVP of Sales|Bench

Carle Quinn


Andi Vanetta-Smith

Operating Partner|Stage 2 Capital

Eli Rubel

CEO|Matter Made

Will May


Dave Grow

CEO|Lucid Software

Carolyn Betts

Founder & CEO|Betts

Anthony Kennada

Co-Founder & CEO|AudiencePlus

Asia Orangio

Founder & CEO|DemandMaven


Co-founder & CEO|Slidebean

Patricia McLaren

Co-founder & CEO|RevShoppe

Greg Head

Founder|Practical Founders

Roy Solomon

Co-founder & CEO|Salesroom

Alex Theuma

Founder & CEO|SaaStock

Tae Hea Nahm

Co-founder & Managing Director|Storm Ventures

Vishal Sunak

Founder & CEO|LinkSquares

Alison Murdock

Founder & Chief Marketer|Trusted CMO

Sanjiv Kalevar


Cathy Gao

Partner|Sapphire Ventures

Peep Laja

Founder & CEO|Wynter

Kelly O’Connell

SVP Product Strategy|ActiveCampaign

Sujan Patel


Chad Vanags

B2B SaaS Sales Trainer|Winning by Design

Thomas Smale

Founder & CEO|FE International

Matt Cretzman

Founder & CEO|Stormbreaker Digital

Kendall Gallagher

Director of Sales|Skaled Consulting

Jonathan Anderson

Co-founder & CEO|Candu

Emily G.-Cebrian Lomban

Co-founder & CEO|Froged

Esben Friis-Jensen

Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer|Userflow

Brianna Dunbar-DeMike

VP Revenue Operations|Skaled

Massimo Arrigoni


Jen Igartua

CEO|Go Nimbly

Sam Jacobs


Miguel Fernandez Larrea

Co-founder & CEO|Capchase

Patrick Vatterott

Co-founder & CTO|Vitally

Mustafa Sakalsiz


Gokhan Erdogdu


Werner Schmidt

Co-founder & CEO|Lative

Rhami Aboud

CEO|Arch Web Design

Olman Quesada

Head of Partnerships|AppSumo

Laith Dahiyat



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