Join our community and make your voice heard. We want to continuously improve, to make our events and our community more inclusive, diverse and accessible.

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Our Commitment

At SaaStock we are committed to making our events more diverse and inclusive. The SaaS industry must work harder to bring marginalized voices to center stage, inclusive of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexuality and neurodiversity.

We have a long way to go and by no means can we achieve all of our aims alone. We are privileged to partner with like-minded organisations to help us achieve our mutual aims.

We Pledge to Source, Share and Safeguard

We commit to sourcing diversity in our speaker and content lineup for all SaaStock conferences: inclusive of gender, age, ability, sexuality, and neurodiversity.

We actively seek a more diverse audience through engaging with our community. We work with our delegates ensuring diverse teams are sourced, sought for, and represented onsite.

We offer a scholarship to ensure that underrepresented groups and people can make their voices heard at SaaStock, providing a platform to help address inequality of opportunity.

We structure and share our marketing materials to ensure we foster diversity and promote its fundamental tenets and benefits to all actors in the ecosystem.

We safeguard the onsite and online experience for all of our attendees through ensuring our Code of Conduct is respected and that our show floor, activities, and breakout rooms are designed with everyone’s needs in mind.

We acknowledge our failures and share best practices openly and honestly. We strive to foster an open dialogue with our community and will continue to evolve our events with your feedback.

How You Can Contribute


Examine the conference lineup for its diversity of voices and values and flag any concerns to us

Ensure the safety and security of your fellow delegates and respect the Code of Conduct

Express any concerns to the conference organisers and know that your concerns will be heard and acted upon

Founders & Executives

Structure your business and its leadership team to be open and inclusive

Send diverse teams to represent your brand onsite and commit to sourcing their opinions and insight

Share your commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion through your network and social channels


Commit to broadening the reach of your portfolio by engaging with and investing in founders from diverse backgrounds

Collaborate with members of the SaaS community to ensure you diversify your reach and remit

Connect with leaders from marginalised groups and bring them into your organisations, always lead from within

2020-21 Community Partners

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