Jan 2018

How to set up an organisation for 10x growth with Hanno Renner, Personio

Hanno Renner, CEO and co-founder of German HR solution Personio, is the latest guest on the SaaS Revolution Show, reveals how he has built a healthy organisation well able to scale. A five-step hiring plan that assures that candidates are the right fit, bespoke onboarding at each department, and a culture that is guided by the core values of the company, have all played their part.


Sep 2017

Hiring - the pain and the gain of growing from 30 to 100 employees in 24 months or less

Probably among the toughest things for any founder and CEO to figure out, finding the right people at the right time and keeping them happy and engaged is the make or break for many companies. A statement especially true during growth. Listen to this panel discussion for tips and tricks.


Jul 2017

Aligning your team for success with Cristina Fonseca

Alignment between people, vision, and culture has been one of the key tenets behind Talkdesk's success. Co-founder Cristina Fonseca shares specific tactics she applied in the hiring, onboarding and scaling processes that assured the right people came on board and stayed happy and motivated.


Jun 2017

Building a unicorn SaaS company, the rebellious way with Girish Mathrubootham

Is there a formula to building a unicorn company? Not really. But if you ask Girish Mathrubootham, there are three key ingredients - aligning the product to the business model, looking for core talents when hiring and passion stripped from emotion. With Freshworks getting closer to a billion dollar valuation, he certainly is on to something.  


May 2017

Building a product and a product management team with Martin Henk, co-founder of Pipedrive [PODCAST]

Martin Henk, Co-Founder and Head of Product Management at Pipedrive tells us about the seven years worth of lessons learned at the Estonian sales CRM and pipeline management tool. From building the product and growing the product management team, to finding the best candidates and learning what is the single most important thing for product growth before a single line of code is written.